Kelly Osbourne wants ‘plastic surgery’ for Christmas but mom Sharon Osbourne says it’s ’too early’

Kelly Osbourne Instagram selfie, Sharon Osbourne at The X Factor London auditions,2013
Sharon Osbourne is against Kelly Osbourne getting plastic surgery. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Henry Harris/ Featureflash/@kellyosbourne/Instagram

Kelly Osbourne might follow in her mom, Sharon Osbourne’s, plastic surgery footsteps because that is precisely what she has on her Christmas wishlist.

However, the TV personality got some opposition from her family, including her dad, Ozzy Osbourne, who told her “no.”

Interestingly, Sharon, who has gone under the knife a few times over the years, is not on board with her daughter doing the same thing.

The mom of three is not exactly happy with her plastic surgery results and recently joked that her last procedure left her looking like “Cyclops.”

That’s why her objection to daughter Kelly wanting to go under the knife.

However, the headstrong singer and actress doesn’t seem fazed by her mom’s bad experience with plastic surgery.

Kelly Osbourne wants ‘plastic surgery’ for Christmas

Kelly Osbourne has one major thing on her wishlist this year: to undergo a plastic surgery procedure.

She made the revelation on the Osbourne Podcast as the family gathered to discuss what they wanted for Christmas.

“I think I’ve decided what I want for Christmas,” Kelly exclaimed as she touched her neck. “Plastic surgery.”

“Kelly don’t! Don’t!” responded Ozzy, but his daughter was adamant.

“It’s my time,” reasoned Kelly.

However, Ozzy wasn’t the only one who opposed the idea. Sharon also told her, “It’s too early.”

Jack Osbourne did a double-take at his mom’s response as he asked, “How old were you when you first started your journey down the road of cosmetic surgery.”

The 71-year-old revealed that she started in her early forties, and Jack reasoned that it’s pretty close to Kelly’s age, which is 39.

Sharon Osbourne regrets her 2021 facelift after the procedure left her looking like ‘Cyclops’

To say Sharon Osbourne wasn’t happy with her latest cosmetic procedure would be an understatement.

After going under the knife in 2021 for a facelift, Sharon compared herself to Cyclops–an unattractive one-eye creature in Greek mythology.

Sharon told the Times of London that the procedure was “the worst thing that I ever did.”

“I looked like Cyclops. I had one eye here and one eye there and my mouth was all skewwhiff, and then I had to wait for that to heal before I could go back and have it corrected,” she explained.

Speaking of appearance, Sharon’s very slender frame has also been the subject of conversation over the past months as she fell victim to the Ozempic craze like several other celebs.

“Everybody was on it and I thought, ‘Well, I’ll have a bit of that.’ And so this is the outcome,” she said.

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