Kelly Osbourne reveals rare baby bump pic

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne shared a sneak peek at her growing baby bump- a rare treat for her followers. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Singer Kelly Osbourne revealed earlier this year that she was a mother-to-be but has kept her pregnancy rather hush-hush otherwise.

The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne doesn’t share many permanent posts on her social media account though she shared a temporary snap on her Instagram Stories earlier this week.

The Story only stayed live for 24 hours but was the first time she had ever shared a photo of her baby bump, even though it was just a peek.

The 37-year-old musician was standing in front of a glass pane when she snapped the picture, only capturing her reflection for her followers.

She appeared to be in somewhat loose clothing and sandals as she stood outside with her hair pulled up and glasses on her head.

The outline of her face is barely visible in the reflection, but fans can clearly see her baby bump and the outline of her phone as she snapped the picture of her reflection.

Kelly Osbourne shared a reflection of herself in a window showing her baby bump on her Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @kellyosbourne/Instagram

Kelly Osbourne expecting first child with boyfriend Sid Wilson

People and Kelly herself report that Kelly, 37, met Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, 45, over 23 years ago back in 1999 when Slipknot was touring with Ozzfest.

She revealed that the two have been great friends for this entire time but only recently realized their romantic feelings for each other and took things to the next level.

In 2021, Kelly was spotted with filmmaker Erik Bragg a few times, but there was never a confirmed relationship between the two.

Last April, she did credit a boyfriend for being there for her and supporting her when she relapsed after being sober for almost four years.

Kelly has been rather open about her struggles with addiction and continues to fight the battle, and has successfully remained sober for over a year, per her account in May.

Kelly Osbourne opens up on addiction struggles, feeling ‘very behind’

Last year, Kelly appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk and opened up on how her struggle with addiction impacted her life and goals.

After being asked if she felt “robbed” of things due to her addiction, she admitted, “Yes, I feel very behind. As a woman, I would have loved to be married and have children by now. My brother [Jack] has three daughters and I would have loved to have kids by now, but that wasn’t what was in the cards for me yet.”

Although she did relapse last year, Kelly has been going strong and came to the realization that she may not be able to enjoy things like drinking alcohol at all in order to remain sober.

She revealed to Extra, “I am an addict and had thought that I had enough time under my belt and I could drink like a normal person, and it turns out I cannot and I will never be normal.”

Fortunately, things seem to be going well for her, as her last permanent Instagram post was her marking her one year of sobriety following her relapse, and with the baby, she’s wanted for so long on the way, she seems to be handling recovery well.

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