Kelly Clarkson wants another child, chats with new dad Gordon Ramsay on her talk show about baby fever

Kelly Clarkson Red Carpet
Kelly Clarkson wants to have another baby with her husband. Pic credit:

Kelly Clarkson has baby fever, after confirming in a chat with chef Gordon Ramsay that she wants another child.

On a new episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly called up Gordon to begin an interview over Skype. When he answered, though, he had a surprise for the American Idol winner — as he was holding his new son, Oscar.

“Oh my gosh, do not do this to me!” said Kelly, before admitting, “I so want another child and my husband is like ‘no we have four.'”

Kelly went on to say, “I know this is a weird statement, but I kinda want to eat your baby. So cute.” She followed up that with a lot of laughter.

Later, as the interview shifted to cooking, Gordon carried his camera to the kitchen, where Oscar had been placed in a cute position on the floor.

Kelly chimed in again, “Oh my gosh. So adorable. Do not do this to me. I have baby fever. I want a little baby,” she said.

It was very clear that one-year-old Oscar was tugging at Kelly’s heartstrings through most of the interview as he kept popping into shots with dad Gordon.

Below is a segment from the show where the host goes all-in on her love for Oscar Ramsay.

Gordon’s wife pops up near the end of it, letting Gordon know that SHE too wants another one, even though the couple already has five kids.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have a big family

The Clarkson-Blackstock household is already packed with kids. They have four of them — Savannah, River Rose, Remington Alexander, and Seth.

The couple got married in 2013 and have had two babies — Remmy and River Rose. The two other kids are from Brandon’s previous marriage to Melissa Ashworth. Brandon now serves as Kelly’s manager.

In regard to the kids, the last one was born in 2016, which could be why Kelly is starting to have baby fever again. If she gets her way, the family could definitely be making a big announcement in the near future.

Kelly has recently been hosting her show from home due to lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19. Last month she broke down in tears after hearing an emotional story from Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins about how they ended up adopting.

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