Kelly Clarkson ‘available for dating and romance’ following split from Brandon Blackstock

kelly clarkson Red Carpet at Universal Studios
Kelly Clarkson is ready to move on. Pic credit: ©

Nearly two years after her divorce was finalized, Kelly Clarkson is ready to hit the dating scene again.

The Kelly Clarkson Show host has been a single woman since March 2020, when her divorce from Brandon Blackstock was finalized.

Since then, Kelly has focused on her kids and career, putting dating on the back burner.

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Now that the dust has settled, however, Kelly is ready to find someone special to share her life with again.

A source tells The Sun that Kelly hasn’t yet dipped her toes back into the dating pool because she’s been working on “rebuilding her life” after her and Brandon’s messy split.

The insider says that Kelly and Brandon’s breakup was “more complicated and drawn out” than anyone expected.

Kelly Clarkson wants to use a matchmaker to meet someone over the summer

But Kelly is finally ready to give love another try, and she has a very specific vision in mind to find a partner.

Because of her tight schedule, both personally and professionally, Kelly “really only has one route to meet that person, and that’s via getting set up.”

The source close to Kelly added that she’d be on board as long as her matchmaker was someone she could trust.

Given Kelly’s current schedule, summertime looks like the best timeframe to begin dating.

“She’ll be much more available for dating and romance in June when her show goes on break, and she has the summer to herself,” noted the person in the know.

It appears that Kelly has had a change of heart since last fall.

In September 2023, Kelly clarified that she wasn’t quite ready to open her heart to love again.

In an Instagram video, Kelly admitted, “Do I have a boyfriend? No! And not looking. You know why? I love being single.”

“I have two kids, two dogs, three rabbits, a hamster, multiple jobs — there’s a lot going on,” Kelly continued.

“And, you know, you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life with somebody, and you don’t. That’s hard to start over.”

Kelly and her ex-husband, Brandon, share two children: daughter River Rose, 9, and son Remington Alexander, 7.

Kelly dishes on explaining divorce to her young children, River and Remington

During a podcast appearance on PODCRUSHED with Penn Badgley, Kelly admitted that having young kids while going through a divorce is especially tricky because of the questions kids often ask.

“When you do go through a divorce, especially with young kids, the definition of love comes up quite a bit … cuz they’re like, ‘Well, wait, wait… so you don’t love Daddy anymore?'”

“And I’m like, ‘No, no. I loved Daddy, I love that Daddy gave me you two,'” Kelly added. “‘We just, we don’t like each other like we did.'”

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