Katy Perry stuns in martini glass to spread holiday cheer

katy perry holidays
Katy Perry is stunning while swimming in milk in a martini glass to spread holiday cheer through her magical voice. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

This holiday season, pop music superstar Katy Perry has been spreading cheer by dressing up in her holiday best and treating fans to her sweet music.

Yesterday, Katy posted a video on her Instagram for her 182 million followers, featuring a clip from her Christmas song, Cozy Little Christmas.

As Katy fans likely recall, the singer dropped the holiday tune in 2018 as part of a holiday album by Capitol Records.

Katy’s latest Christmas video was slightly different because it had footnotes containing previously unknown information.

One of the footnotes revealed that Katy swam in actual milk for the larger-than-life video. The director, Watts, also shared that Katy had a blast on set and was a pleasure to work with and direct.

The video garnered 140k likes and countless comments from fans and followers, many of whom enjoyed the reveal.

Katy Perry stuns in a sheer candy-cane bodysuit

Katy looked gorgeous in a candy-cane striped bodysuit with long sleeves and sparkles throughout the garment. She wore a festive headpiece with a fake piece of mistletoe as she turned up the holiday energy.

Katy made quite a splash while dressed as a candy cane in a giant glass of milk. She showed off her dancing skills while moving to the beat in a massive martini glass with a tinsel-adorned rim. An oversized candy cane hung on the edge of the martini glass stem also featured red and white stripes.

Katy’s makeup also featured holiday elements with bright-red lips and sparkly eyeshadow. She wore candy cane earrings and a red manicure as she expressively moved her hands from inside the glass.

Her caption read, “How ’bout some Cozy Little Footnotes with @vevo? ? Learn more about my holiday song ✨??COZY LITTLE CHRISTMAS??✨ at the link in bio!”

Katy’s latest post wasn’t the only instance of the singer spreading holiday cheer.

Katy Perry relaunches Katy Perry Collections

Earlier this week, the Firework singer shared new, holiday-themed shoes from her brand, Katy Perry Collections.

Katy shared pictures of a quirky shoe that matched her eccentric personality. The white sandals featured straps around the ankles, and gingerbread men prominently featured near the toe.

The popular singer launched Katy Perry Collections in 2017, but the brand went dormant for a few years. This year, Katy decided to bring her brand back to life with designs like the gingerbread man shoe.

As Katy told WWD last spring, “I had the opportunity to either let my brand kind of slowly fade away into nothingness or take on the challenge and bet on myself, as I do most of the time.”

While Katy’s shoes may not be for everyone, they will certainly appeal to those who like unorthodox designs.

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Gwyneth Llewelyn
1 month ago

“While Katy’s shoes may not be for everyone, they will certainly appeal to those who like unorthodox designs.”

… or to those who love gingerbread! :-)