Katy Perry shares brand new designs for About You

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Katy Perry has a new venture. Pic credit: © Byron Purvis/AdMedia

It seems like Katy Perry is on top of the world, with newfound sobriety, a judging gig on American Idol, and a thriving shoe line.

Today, Katy revealed one more accomplishment to the growing list as the songstress unveiled a new clothing collaboration with About You.

An Instagram account for About You posted jointly with Katy’s IG page, sharing a video that had Katy’s new designs.

The video featured Katy as the model, posing in the new garments and looking beautiful.

As Katy revealed in a caption accompanying the post, this was her second time designing for the company.

For Katy, the second time might have been the charm because the outfits looked like a fashion win.

Katy Perry teams up with About You for a new collection

Katy Perry was a natural fit as the designer for a new collection with About You, a German online retailer. The Dark Horse songstress has seemingly found her niche in the design world, creating stylish shoes that reflect her personality. 

Katy’s previous designs have included quirky designs like holiday-released Gingerbread Man shoes and trendy Y2K Geli footwear.

For Katy’s latest designs, she created chic outfits, including the first ensemble from the Instagram post, where she wore light-wash Claudia Jeans, which retail for $77.90. 

Katy also designed the second outfit in the clip, a white and blue shirt called the Vianne blouse, retailing for $67.90, and a matching set of bottoms, the Desiree pants, which retail for $77.90.

The third outfit in the video was the yellow Stella dress, with a sleeveless design, quilted hem, and a price tag of $67.90.

Katy’s caption read, “You Guys!? My second collection with @aboutyou is out now ? For this drop we went for mix of bright vintage prints and abstract floral motifs.”

Fans can check out the collection in its entirety on the About You website.

As for Katy, she recently shared some news about her sobriety.

Katy Perry announces sobriety pact and anniversary

On Monday night, Katy attended an event in New York City at Mister Paradise with American Idol co-stars Ryan Seacrest, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.

While in attendance, Katy sipped on De Soi, her alcohol-free beverage.

At the event, Katy spoke with PEOPLE, sharing an interesting revelation about her newfound sobriety with her fiance Orlando Bloom.

Katy revealed, “I’ve been sober for five weeks today… I’ve been doing a pact with my partner, and I want to quit.”

Katy’s American Idol co-judge, Luke Bryant, asked if she was giving up on her sober journey.

The mother of one responded, “No, girl! I can’t cave. I made a promise. Three months.”

With Orlando and De Soi at her side, Katy has a sobriety partner and a tasty alcohol alternative.

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