Katie Sigmond enjoys casual couch day in California

Katie Sigmond is enjoying a casual couch day in California while lounging in cheeky underwear. Pic credit: @katiesigmond/Instagram

Katie Sigmond may be facing legal troubles, but she looked carefree and casual as she lounged on a couch and documented the process.

As Katie revealed in her caption for the social media post, she had just awoken from a nap and decided to snap a selfie.

Katie treated her 3 million Instagram followers to the couch picture as she lounged on her belly wearing underwear and a t-shirt. 

For those unaware, Katie became well-known for her stunning face and excellent golf form. She paired her classic good looks and athletic prowess to create riveting content on her TikTok page that gave Paige Spiranac a run for her money. Katie’s background has shown the blonde bombshell in exotic locales, with her golf club in hand.

However, Katie ran into trouble last month when she hit a golf ball into the Grand Canyon to get likes. Hitting a ball into the Grand Canyon got Katie the wrong kind of attention from law enforcement.

Katie addressed the viral incident for the first time a few days ago, and now it appears she wants to move on from the event. 

Katie’s strategy of posting pictures in her underwear might distract fans from the unfortunate incident, which has become a legal matter.

Katie Sigmond lounges in underwear for a post-nap selfie

Katie’s latest selfie was taken at her swanky Newport Beach home. She placed one hand in her hair, with her blonde locks cascading to one side.

The golfer appeared serious as she struck a pose and folded her legs behind her.

She kept things casual with a black t-shirt and a bare face. Katie’s makeup-free mug allowed her natural beauty to shine.

Katie spiced things up with her cheeky pink underwear featuring frills around the edges.

She donned layered necklaces and bracelets for the casual couch ensemble.

Her caption read, ” post nap?.”

Katie Sigmond’s workout routines

A quick trip to Katie’s Instagram showed that the athlete loves fitness. She even has part of her IG page dedicated to all things exercise.

Katie’s videos feature the athlete spending a lot of time on her glutes.

One clip showed the athlete using her body to lift an impressive 305 pounds.

katie sigmond undnerwear
Pic credit: @katiesigmond/Instagram

Katie did three reps of a weighted hip thrust, working her gluteus maximum, gluteus minimum, and quadriceps.

The golfer also likes to post plenty of selfies while she’s working out. A recent shot showed Katie standing by the weights as she posed in a pair of tight grey spandex with a barely-there aqua-colored sports bra. And she had some converse trainers on her feet to complete the outfit.

Her hair was parted in the middle and tied back, and she looked like she was ready for a serious workout! She told her followers that it was a “leg day!”

Katie Sigmond gym selfie
Pic credit: @katiesigmond/Instagram

In a change of pace, Katie also likes to do pilates, and she recently sent a selfie as she took a break during a session.

This time she was donned in a pair of super small tan-colored shorts with a white crop top. Katie always manages to look amazing when she’s working out.

Katie takes a selfie while at pilates
Pic credit: @katiesigmund/Instagram

Katie Sigmond got into trouble for a stunt at the Grand Canyon

According to Insider, Katie was fined $285 for hitting a golf ball and throwing her club into the Grand Canyon. Katie’s stunt took place in October and subsequently went viral after she placed a video on TikTok.

Unfortunately for Katie, the stunt came to the attention of law enforcement, and she was quickly identified as the perpetrator. Insider claims that Katie has already paid the full amount of the fine.

The Grand Canyon National Park Service tweeted a picture of an individual flinging a golf club into the canyon and asked, “Do we really need to say, ‘don’t hit golf balls into the Grand Canyon?'”

In their lengthy caption, they also wrote, “Throwing objects over the rim of the canyon is not only illegal but can also endanger hikers and wildlife who may be below.”

Meanwhile, as the old saying goes, there is no such thing as bad press. Time will tell if the adage holds true for Katie following her Grand Canyon golfing snafu.

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