Katie Couric reveals breast cancer diagnosis, urges women to get a mammogram

Katie Couric
Katie Couric reveals she was diagnosed with breast cancer in June. Pic credit: © Van Tine/StarMaxWorldwide

Just ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Katie Couric revealed her recent breast cancer diagnosis that took over her life this past summer.

The news media personality, 65, recently opened up and shared her story on her website, Katie Couric Media, with an essay titled, Why NOT Me?

In the article, Couric described how on June 21, she had received the cancer diagnosis after being six months behind for her mammogram, with her last in December of 2020.

Couric continued to tell her story in full, including how she even planned to film her appointment to air on television — which may not come as a surprise for fans who remember her showing her colonoscopy on the Today show in 2000.

However, after receiving a text the next day from her doctor about the Stage 1 diagnosis, a plan of action was soon set in place.

“I felt sick and the room started to spin. I was in the middle of an open office, so I walked to a corner and spoke quietly, my mouth unable to keep up with the questions swirling in my head,” Couric said of the moment she found out.

Katie Couric opens up about her breast cancer diagnosis

Although the television host has a long history of cancer in her family, she said nobody had had breast cancer specifically. Couric and her doctor decided to follow through with a lumpectomy, followed by medication and radiation to diminish any remaining cells.

The surgery happened on July 13, and radiation began on September 7 for Couric.

After sharing the details of her story, Couric explained the importance of keeping up with appointments and for women to stay up-to-date on mammograms.

“But to reap the benefits of modern medicine, we need to stay on top of our screenings, advocate for ourselves, and make sure everyone has access to the diagnostic tools that could very well save their life,” she said.

Katie Couric shares hospital photo to thank supporters

Along with her essay, Couric also took to Instagram to share a piece of her story and give thanks to everyone who has supported her throughout her journey.

She uploaded a photo that showed her sitting in what appeared to be the waiting room of a hospital while wearing a white gown, medical bracelet, and a disposable face mask.

“Every two minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. On June 21st, I became one of them,” she wrote in her caption.

Couric then continued to urge her followers to head to her website and read her story as a reminder to take care of themselves. She finished by thanking her fans for their loving comments and visible support.

“And if someone is struggling with cancer, please reach out to them and give them the love you’ve shown me today,” she wrote at the end of her post. “Thank you everyone.”

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