Katharine McPhee is afraid of being robbed in Beverly Hills, blames ‘woke’ voters for crime

Katharine McPhee beverly Hills
Katharine McPhee is unhappy with crime in Beverly Hills and she wants change. Pic credit: ©

The wife of David Foster and former American Idol star Katharine McPhee has some opinions about the state of things in Beverly Hills, and she is sharing them on social media.

She took to her Instagram Stories to air grievances. Katharine responded to an Instagram account that shares homeless people in Beverly Hills.

Katharine posted a photo of an elderly man who got mugged in Beverly Hills and expressed her disgust with the lack of safety in her city.

She wrote, “@streetpeopleofbeverlyhills I blame every single woke voter. Seniors getting beat up in [Beverly Hills] while walking. Keep voting for this. What a sad state this city is in.”

She also expressed fear over the increasing violence and crime stating, “This is literally my worry and thought every time I go out now. We need @rickcarusola.”

Katharine shared a conversation she had with a friend, where the pal advised her not to wear her Rolex for fear of danger.

Katharine McPhee shares concerns with other Beverly Hills residents

The friend wrote to Katharine, “Don’t wear your Rolex.” Katharine responded, “No rings no watches.”

The conversation later turned to food and ordering at the restaurant, but Katharine appeared disturbed that she couldn’t wear her expensive jewelry. She wrote, “This is the real life text/convos you have with fam and friends about living in La now. We need @rickcarusola.”

Then, Katharine posted a video of a poverty-stricken street in Los Angeles. There was garbage flowing through the streets and homeless people standing on the sidewalk. She added a few gritting teeth emojis to share her discomfort.

katharine screen shot
Pic credit: @katharinefoster/Instagram

She also shared a text exchange with a concerned Angelino. The person felt paranoid, and Katharine agreed that the person should be fully alert at all times.

katharine mcphee
Pic credit: @katharinefoster/Instagram

Katharine has a solution, though, billionaire politician Rick Caruso.

Katharine McPhee married Grammy-award-winner David Foster

Katharine McPhee found her happy ending with multiple-time Grammy-award-winning composer David Foster.

She and David got engaged in 2018 and wed in 2019 with a beautiful ceremony in London.

Shortly after the ceremony, Katharine revealed she was pregnant with her first child. David has daughter Amy Skylark with ex-wife B.J. Cook, and Sara, Erin, and Jordan Foster with ex-wife Rebecca Dyer.

Katharine and David welcomed a son, Rennie David, born in February 2021.

Katharine often posts the adorable boy playing instruments and reaching milestones.

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