Kate Upton is ready for some baseball now that the rain has stopped

Kate Upton poses at the 2018 Breitling Future Roadshow.
Kate Upton in blue couldn’t contain her excitement for baseball season. Pic credit: © Schlein/StarMaxWorldWide

Kate Upton looked stunning as she was snapped jumping for joy in a blue outfit.

The 30-year-old model couldn’t contain her excitement as she realized the rain had gone away. This was exciting news as the MLB World Series could go on.

Upton’s excitement was warranted, considering her husband, Justin Verlander, is a pitcher for the Houston Astros and made it to the MLB World Series with his team.

She celebrated the nice baseball weather with a photo of her soaking up the outdoors. The photo caught her mid-jump with a few park benches, fall leaves, and trees making up the backdrop of her photo.

Upton looked stunning in a formfitting long-sleeved royal blue crop top with a slit below the neck and matching blue joggers. The outfit showed off her incredibly toned figure, and she showed off her athletic potential with the leap.

She finished her look with a pair of sunglasses and some white sneakers with splashes of yellow, blue, and purple.

Kate Upton supports her husband, Justin Verlander

Upton is her husband’s biggest supporter. Based on the sheer joy on her face, it seemed she was counting the seconds until game three of the world series started.

Her latest photo isn’t the only mention she has made of Verlander’s career. When the Astros first made it into the World Series, she posted a heartwarming video to commemorate the occasion.

The video saw Verlander coming up behind Upton and her turning around to give him a congratulatory hug. Another scene panned out to see Upton and Verlander surrounded by photographers on the pitcher’s mound.

She paired the sweet video with a caption indicating how proud she was of Verlander and how happy she was for the Astros.

Back in July, she also took to Instagram to brag about Verlander as she attended his 9th All Star experience. She paired the post with a photo of her looking stunning in a one-sleeved white minidress next to Verlander, who wore a snazzy beige suit.

Whether she is attending his games or events or jumping for joy when the weather is good for baseball, Upton is always proud to support her husband in his career.

Upton shared her Strong4Me Fitness program

While Verlander is a professional athlete, Upton also knows a thing or two about fitness. She even created a fitness program, Strong4Me Fitness, with elite trainer Ben Bruno.

Strong4Me Fitness is a 12-week exercise program that Upton participated in with Bruno. Now, she is allowing anyone to follow along with the plan that she did to maintain her incredible physique.

Meanwhile, the program can be completed at home with no equipment. Also, if one isn’t a fan of burpees, they don’t have to worry as the exercise isn’t included in the program.

Upton and Bruno have expanded the program into a brand that includes workout gear such as exercise balls, mats, dumbbells, and foam rollers. She also launched an Instagram page filled with fitness tips and delicious and healthy recipes.

She recently shared a recipe on the page for how to make a Halloween treat that is fun, sweet, and nutritional.

Her Strong4Me brand is a unique way to promote healthy lifestyles while appeasing her fans’ curiosity about her fitness routine.

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