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Kate Upton is gorgeous and ‘always a vibe’ in lingerie throwback

Kate Upton attends a Gala event.
Kate Upton showed off some behind-the-scenes outtakes as she posed in lingerie. Pic credit: ©

Kate Upton gave fans a look behind the scenes of her latest photoshoot as she shared her first skin-baring snap in over a month.

The blonde model, who turned 30 in June, took to her Instagram page today to remind her followers that she still has it as she posted an artsy pic to display her lingerie-clad life in front of and behind the camera.

Taking a picture-within-a-picture, Kate could be seen out of focus in the background while wearing a sensual, floral bra and matching underwear as a phone came into clear view in the foreground, allowing a stunning image of Kate in her bedroom attire to be crisply made out.

A hand gripped the side of the phone while someone else’s head cropped into the frame, presumably a set member giving some final touches to Kate’s face and body.

Kate relaxed in a chair while arching her back slightly for extra effect, revealing her famous curves and toned midsection.

She captioned the shot with, “BTS content is always a vibe,” before adding a hashtag for Throwback Thursday.

Kate Upton’s trainer reveals the model’s secrets to staying fit

Rocking a body that would induce envy in many, Kate has continued to hold the population captive with her good looks and toned physique.

Two years ago, Kate’s personal fitness trainer, Ben Bruno, shared exclusively with People what his regimen for the model is like.

“We generally start off the workout with a series of strength exercises done in circuit fashion, followed by work with the sled,” Ben told the magazine. “Structuring the workout in this fashion provides a cardio effect even though we aren’t doing traditional ‘gerbil’ cardio, like using a bike or treadmill.”

He then laid out a detailed plan and step-by-step routine that anyone at home can follow to achieve similar results as Kate, including inverted rows, sled pushes, and squats.

“This is just a snippet of her total program,” Ben added.

“We incorporate a good amount of variety into the routine over the course of the week because she trains five days a week. However, we keep several of the key exercises (deadlifts, hip thrusts, and sleds) in the program consistently and focus on slow and steady improvement, because getting progressively stronger is the name of the game.”

Kate Upton jumps in a bikini for birthday celebration

Back in June, Kate took her birthday celebrations to the next level, showing off a variety of fun outfits as she rang in her 30th, including a skimpy bikini.

Sneaking the clip of her two-piece glory into an Instagram video, Kate’s fans were well rewarded for their patience in watching the visual run-down, getting a nice eye-full of the model as she and some friends jumped off a yacht.

Aside from the swimwear attire, Kate wowed in a sundress, a minidress, and a bathrobe for her girls’ getaway trip.