Kate Sisk from MAFS is living her best life: New boyfriend and vacationing in Europe after dumping Luke

Kate Sisk in Brussels
Kate Sisk is a new woman after Married at First Sight Season 8 ended. Pic credit: @katesisk/Instagram

Kate Sisk was one half of possibly the most shocking couple in Married at First Sight history. Week after week, viewers tuned in and wondered how she managed to stay married and optimistic about her marriage to Luke Cuccurullo.

On Decision Day, Kate finally pulled the plug on their dysfunctional relationship, opting for divorce as even the relationship experts cheered her on. Ever since, Kate has been getting her groove back and MAFS fans couldn’t be more thrilled.

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Now, as Married at First Sight Season 8 comes to an end, social media accounts are going public and we’re getting a chance to really see what the cast has been up to since making their big decisions. In Kate’s case, she’s definitely living her best life as she shares photos of her recent trip to Europe and she even shared on the MAFS Season 8 finale that she has a new man!

The glow is real for Kate Sisk, who spent pretty much all of Season 8 trying to make her marriage to Luke Cuccurullo work against all odds. Even her friends said that, while filming Married at First Sight, Kate was becoming a version of herself that they didn’t know.

Was it the secrets she had been keeping in an effort to gain Luke’s favor? Or the hurt from knowing that her husband wasn’t even attracted to her and told her that on more than one occasion? It was likely both but now, Kate is definitely coming back out of her shell and it’s very clear that she’s found happiness again.

Who is Kate Sisk’s new boyfriend?

One of the biggest questions that remains unanswered following the Married at First Sight Season 8 finale is who is Kate’s new boyfriend. Unfortunately, that still remains a mystery. All we know is that she’s very happy and it shows.

While Kate did show off many photos from her recent travels abroad, she hasn’t shared any photos of her new boyfriend on Instagram. Trust us, we looked!

While Kate is definitely keeping her relationship private, at least for now, Married at First Sight fans are definitely enjoying her renewed energy and spirit and they are talking about it all over Twitter.

In addition to a new man and renewed confidence, Kate Sisk also picked up a huge fan base who can’t wait to see her success. Go Kate!

Married at First Sight Season 9 begins in June 2019 on Lifetime. 

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