Kate Middleton shows subtle support for Camilla at Commonwealth Day services

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Kate Middleton at Commonwealth day service 2020
Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Kate Middleton sitting together at Commonwealth Day service 2020. Pic credit: ImageCollect/AdMedia

Kate Middleton gave Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, her subtle show of support at the Commonwealth Day services.

Amid recent statements by Queen Elizabeth about the future for Prince Charles’ wife, Kate and William have been keen to show their approval.

Kate Middleton greeted Camilla with a show of great respect

At the Commonwealth Day services on Monday, Kate and William were seen greeting Camilla in what a body language expert has called “an act of inconvenience.”

Camilla attended the annual service alongside Prince Charles, who was representing the Queen in her absence. Upon their arrival to the abbey, William greeted Camilla with a kiss on both cheeks, as did Kate.

But it was Kate’s affectionate hand on Camilla’s arm afterward that got body language experts talking.

Judi James pointed out that Kate touching Camilla’s arm while bending her knees super low was “an act of inconvenience” that showed a huge amount of “respect.”

Tellingly, she told The Mirror, “Her hand on Camilla’s arm dropped but she then replaced it for one final squeeze.”

It was an obvious sign of affection between the two women, who are showing the world they’re on great terms.

Judi claims it was a way for Kate to show she and Camilla are close, adding it was “to register affection and closeness with the woman who will be on the throne before her.”

Queen Elizabeth has publicly shown her support for Camilla becoming Queen Consort

In her Platinum Jubilee statement on February 5, the Queen made a surprising statement, making it very clear she supported Camilla in one day becoming Queen Consort.

She said, “When, in the fullness of time, my son Charles becomes King, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that you have given me. And it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.”

Memories of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left residual tension

Judi went on to point out the fact that there were some definite signs of “residue tension” after the previous Commonwealth Day service, which was held in 2020, and was the last royal engagement for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The pair would later move to California, ditching royal duties for good, and giving a tell-all interview to Oprah Winfrey.

The tension that day was palpable, with both William and Harry staring straight ahead as the four sat near each other, jaws tense and eyes squinted.

Judi claimed it was likely Prince William “may still have been remembering the ghosts of the past as he arrived with one hand spread-eagled across his stomach in a barrier gesture.”

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