Kate Middleton honors Princess Diana by wearing one of her fashion favorites

Kate Middleton, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton honors Princess Diana through a shared sense of fashion. Pic credit: ©

Princess Diana was considered one of the most fashionable members of the Royal family as the Princess of Wales, and her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, is slowly rising to the same rank.

Kate has been a member of the Royal family for over ten years now following her marriage to Prince William in 2011. Kate has made her way from commoner to potential future Queen Consort and her fashion sense isn’t lacking.

Although Princess Diana was born into nobility, she was considered a commoner by the Royal standard. Both Kate and Diana have shown impeccable fashion sense and went from commoner to royalty, leading many fans to compare the two quite often.

Unfortunately, nothing can bring Diana back, but Kate Middleton has taken to honoring Princess Diana in the best way she can: through fashion.

Kate Middleton wears one of Princess Diana’s favorite looks: Polka dots

One of Diana’s most popular fashion choices was polka dots. The Princess of Wales frequently wore dotted dresses and blouses throughout her life in high society.

Polka dots are considered a whimsical pattern often seen on vintage-style clothing. Diana became known for the pattern and Kate Middleton has taken up to wearing the style often as well. 

Kate has worn several outfits that remind people of Diana, and the polka dots are no different.

Princess Diana’s wardrobe was and continues to be a strong topic for fans to discuss.

Although it’s not always the same exact outfit, Kate frequently wears polka dots and many believe this is truly to honor Diana.

The similarities in their outfits is too much for many to ignore. Although the two never met, Kate seems to show much love and respect for her mother-in-law through their unique sense of style.

Kate Middleton honors Princess Diana through fashion

Throughout the past 10 years, Kate has honored Princess Diana in many ways with her outfits.

Earlier this year, Kate wore an outfit strikingly similar to one of Diana’s while at a rugby match. Even more striking is that both of the royal women wore these similar outfits to rugby matches. Despite a gap of about 30 years, the resemblance was quickly noticed.

While on their Caribbean tour, Kate showed off another dress that was similar to one of Diana’s

Kate wore a stunning emerald gown that sparkled with gems, reminding fans of Diana’s 1981 look in an emerald Nettie Vogues taffeta dress. Diana wore the dress for engagement portraits that day, but wore the dress many times during her life. 

Newsweek shared many photos of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton in similar polka dotted outfits as well, showing just how similar Kate’s outfits are to Diana’s.

It’s likely that Kate will continue to honor Diana through fashion, so fans will have to wait to see which look she pulls off next.

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