Kate Hudson takes cold water plunge with bestie

Kate Hudson's face
Kate Hudson took a plunge for a good cause. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kate Hudson and her friend, Angi Greene, were the latest famous faces to try the cold plunge.

The smiling besties posted a video of the adventure on their social media pages. 

But this cold plunge was special because it coincided with International Women’s Day.

As a successful businesswoman in multiple domains, Kate has become the embodiment of an empowered woman. Therefore, it only made sense for Kate to celebrate her womanhood.

A cold plunge involves an ice bath, which shocks the system, relieves the muscles, and reduces inflammation. While cold plunge challenges have been making the social media rounds, athletes have done similar versions for years.

Kate and Angi put their own twist on the delightful share. The video saw the ladies in black swimsuits sitting submerged in a tub with the word “Plunge” on the side.

Kate Hudson and her friend take a cold plunge and celebrate women

Kate Hudson and her friend matched, wearing their blonde tresses in topknots.

As for Kate, she rocked a black swimsuit with a plunging neckline and smiled as she grasped the side of the tub.

Her friend rocked a black bikini and an identical smile as she braved the cold water.

Black text flashed on the screen with appreciative words about the strength of women.

In Angi’s caption, she shared beautiful women of gratitude.

Kate’s caption expressed similar sentiments, reading, “Happy International Women’s Day to all the women in my life that inspire me daily!”

When Kate isn’t taking cold plunges or starring in movies, you might find her promoting her alcohol brand.

Her contribution to creating spirits is a perfect example of a woman going against the grain.

Kate Hudson creates King St. Vodka

Kate has used her platform to create a vast empire with an athleisure line and a vodka line. The latter venture was especially personal to Kate because she was one of the very few women in the industry.

As Kate told PEOPLE, “There’s a very small, amazing group of women in spirits — but it’s small. So that was really intriguing to me. As a female you are a disruptor in this space.”

The Knives Out actress got the name King St. Vodka from the time she spent living in New York.

Every detail has Kate’s touch, from the clean ingredients to the beautiful floral bottle.

Of course, the vodka line is health-oriented, created with GMO-free corn and alkaline water for acidity control. 

Additionally, the beverage has a seven-time distillation process for ultra smoothness.

Fans can purchase King St. Vodka for $29.99 on the brand’s site.

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