Kate Hudson stuns in a crocheted black gown

Kate Hudson poses at the premiere of Poker Face.
Kate Hudson glowed as she posed in a sheer, black crocheted dress while showing off her black underwear. Pic credit: ©

Kate Hudson knows how to rock any outfit, and the Almost Famous star proved that with her latest attire choice.

Posing for the annual Hollywood Portfolio for British Vogue’s February issue, the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery actress looked as incredible as always while wearing a see-through crocheted gown.

Leaning one arm against the post of an outdoor canopy, Kate gazed upwards as she stood facing the lens so that the entirety of her garment was visible.

A choker-style ring of black material encircled her neck, culminating in the hollow of her collarbone with a bunched-up twist that then spread down into two swatches.

Well-placed cutouts made the item really pop, with both shoulders bare while knitted sleeves adorned her arms all the way to her wrists.

Kate’s flat midsection was evident underneath the loosely woven torso section, and black underwear could be seen on her lower half.

Kate Hudson stuns in see-through crochet

The gown flowed the length of her body, trailing along the floor and showing a bit of her leg with a stylish side slit.

A black crocheted cap sat on top of Kate’s head to complete the stunning look while her face was made up with perfectly-blended foundation and outlines of mascara on her lashes.

Although the post was just shared on the clothing brand Coperni’s social media page, as the label was the one who created the dazzling gown, Kate had previously updated her followers about her shoot earlier this month, as detailed by Monsters and Critics.

The actress initially tagged the clothing line in her post and made sure to mention all of the other companies responsible for her glam look, including Wacoal America, Stuart Weitzman, and Tiffany & Co.

As Kate continues to reign supreme as one of Hollywood’s most talented actresses, her talent as a film star isn’t the only thing her fans adore about her.

With more than just a few shots on her Instagram page showing Kate in bikinis or risque wear, the star has held her followers captive with her incredible physique, and Kate’s personal trainer Brian Nguyen let the populace in on some of her fitness secrets.

Kate Hudson’s personal trainer shares the star’s workout secrets

As reported by Shape, Brian opened up about how he trains Kate to keep her looking and feeling great.

“We live and die by the basics,” he shared, adding that this includes deadlifts, squats, lunges, sprints, and a variety of other moves.

Brian detailed that all the moves he employs require only the person’s own body weight; however, each activity can be enhanced by adding dumbells, ankle or wrist weights, or kettlebells.

Although Kate has been working with Brian for a long time and has subsequently become a pro at tackling these basic moves, the trainer shared that Kate continues to gain insight into just how strong she really is.

“She used to think she couldn’t do it, but now that we’re implementing heavier loads, we’re having fun pushing past the edge of chaos,” he shared.

“Kate’s not afraid of heavy weights — the weight needs to be heavy enough where her integrity does fall and she has to regain that control. I don’t think we do anything so special, but mastering the basics allows her to play with speed, a heavier load, and instability.”

Along with the standard moves, Brian helps Kate harness her power by adding on more intensity with harder workouts.

A typical routine for Kate might consist of single-leg Romanian deadlifts, toe touches, bodyweight squats, planks, and classic lunges, with each performed several times over before the circuit is complete.

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