Kate Hudson shares fun memories of ‘lately’

Kate Hudson poses at a Stella McCartney X Adidas party.
Kate Hudson showed off her sensual side as she went sans attire for a swimming adventure. Pic credit: ©

Kate Hudson gave the internet a breath of fresh air as she returned to posting some of her more risque content following months of sharing mostly publicity event snaps, family photos, and brand promotions.

The 43-year-old How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star revealed how she has been spending her time off-camera following the success of her hit movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

Starting off her carousel of photos with a gorgeous shot of herself with her four-year-old daughter Rani Rose, Kate glowed as she gave a close-eyed, bright smile.

Leaning over the edge of what looked like an indoor pool, Kate beamed while Rani rested her head against her mom’s bare back.

Wearing just the skin she was born in on her upper body and a stringy bikini bottom on her lower half, Kate showed a fresh and makeup-free visage as she then rested her chin on her manicured hands.

Her wet hair was slicked back off her face as she smiled slightly at the lens, her whopping, horizontal, cushion-cut diamond engagement ring clearly visible on her finger.

Kate Hudson rocks nothing but bikini bottoms for swim time

Kate made aging gracefully look effortless with her taut features, confidently proving that her beauty radiates from within.

For her next snap, Kate wore a string bikini as she worked in a tropical getaway with her fiance Danny Fujikawa, and the longtime couple appeared to be as in love as ever as they shared a laugh.

The remaining photos showed a range of snapshots, with glimpses of Kate’s more serious side evident in snippets of diary entries that reminded her to live life to its fullest.

A stretch backward in a floral dress, more pool time with Rani, a family road trip, and a sweet video clip of Rani picking flowers comprised the rest of her share, with the star captioning the series, “Lately…?.”

Although her acting career remains on a seemingly-undying hot streak, Kate has managed to find time to lend her famous name to other side gigs close to her heart, often promoting her Juice Beauty line via her Instagram page.

Kate Hudson joins forces with Juice Beauty

Clearly aware of the importance of taking care of her skin’s health, as proven by her stunning social media posts and makeup-free moments, Kate took her skincare commitment to the next level as she joined forces with Juice Beauty at the beginning of last year.

In an interview with Allure, Kate opened up about how she came to find the already-established skincare brand to form the Juice Beauty X Kate Hudson collaboration.

“Karen and I have known each other for 15 years — I mean, that’s just crazy to me because I can remember sitting on the floor of my living room meeting Karen for the first time, like, yesterday,” Kate shared, referencing Juice Beauty entrepreneur Karen Behnke.

Kate reminisced about the initial meeting, admitting that Karen opened her eyes to the harsh chemicals many skincare products contain, going as far as to throw away most of the items in Kate’s home cabinet.

“She showed me parabens and, I mean, she taught me about all of it, and that really started our friendship,” Kate explained, with Karen telling Allure, “That was the big purge. We took a trash can up there and we had a ball — we had an absolute ball.”

Since purging her bathroom of products ridden with ingredients that Kate learned were not good for her skin, the actress was so taken by Karen’s mission to provide clean products to the public that she decided to start her own line with the label.

While the Juice Beauty X Kate Hudson collaboration now includes a wide range of items, Kate and Karen started the journey together by creating the Revitalizing Acacia + Rose Powdered Mask.

With Kate’s inspiration to create a skin-balancing, hydrating, and travel-friendly powder mask pushing the partnership forward, Karen said it was then a matter of working with multiple samples in the lab to create the perfect blend.

With delicate hints of rose petals, offering a vitamin C boost, and grape, adding hydration without compromising the soft pink hue, the Rose Powdered Mask sells on the Juice Beauty site for $39 and touts an “antioxidant-rich” base that purports to help detoxify and cleanse the face.

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