Kate Hudson goes topless for beauty

Kate Hudson poses at the Getty Center.
Kate Hudson wrapped herself in a towel while enjoying her ritual beauty routine. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency 

Kate Hudson looked to be enjoying a little self-care time after Halloween as she shared a snippet of her beauty routine.

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery actress and Juice Beauty collaborator got to work taking care of her seemingly-ageless complexion for what appeared to be a home spa session the morning after Halloween night.

Going topless and wrapping herself up in just a white towel, Kate looked incredible while makeup-free as she focused on the small jar she held in one hand.

Gazing downward at the silky pink substance she swirled with a white-tipped brush, Kate looked as flawless as ever as she kept her blonde hair slicked back away from her face.

Maintaining a firm jaw and slight pucker that invoked an atmosphere of total engagement on her product, the star showed off her giant engagement ring from her fiance Danny Fujikawa while mixing the blush-hued matter.

Fans might guess that Kate was concocting one of her favorite pink face masks as the actress has touted Juice Beauty’s Revitalizing Acacia & Rose Mask, which Kate helped the company to create.

A cute cat sticker was placed in the top left corner of her photo, with sticker cucumbers covering the eyes and a cartoon headwrap around the cat’s ears.

Kate Hudson goes topless in a towel for her beauty routine.
Pic credit: @katehudson/Instagram

Kate Hudson collaborates with Juice Beauty

While Kate has been known to give fans more than just a small glimpse at her toned physique, the actress’ primary social media posts revolve around her family, film promotions, and advocating for Juice Beauty.

With the collab being fairly new as of this year, Kate has seemed to do her part to support the brand as she often splashes her online activity with proclamations about the efficacy of Juice Beauty products.

As reported by Fashion Network, Kate teamed up with the organic beauty company just this past summer, with Juice Beauty opening up the Kate collaboration in its base in India.

“Kate embodies the Juice Beauty mission of fitness, wellness, and environmentalism and I have revered her spirit, talent, and business acumen since we first met,” Juice Beauty founder Karen Behnke relayed in a press release, as shared by Fashion Network.

“We got together just before the pandemic and decided it was finally time to kick off a partnership,” Karen continued, adding that Juice Beauty and Kate wanted to ensure that the new beauty routine was customizable and easy to do at home.

Kate Hudson performs her five-minute beauty routine

A few months ago, while supporting Juice Beauty, Kate shared her super quick beauty regime with her fans.

Posting a short, informative video clip to Instagram, Kate let followers in on just how rapidly her facial ritual can be performed to encourage people to take care of their skin while proving that it doesn’t require spending tons of time in the mornings and evenings to do so.

Starting with a brief show of two of Juice Beauty’s facial serums, Kate quickly held up two bottles at the camera before squeezing drops onto her palms, patting her face, and sweeping upwards on her neck.

Using mostly Juice Beauty products while also adding in a couple of other brands, Kate made skincare look easy and breezy as she went from product to product, starting with the serums and transitioning into face cream, eye cream, and sunscreen.

She then went right into tapping on bronzer, concealer, foundation, and highlighter before adding eye shadow, brow penciling, and lip gloss.

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