Kate Hudson dazzles fans with stunning views and perfect poses from recent desert trip

Kate Hudson poses at a gala.
Kate Hudson looked refreshed and glowing during a recent desert trip. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia 

Kate Hudson once again slayed a variety of wear as she highlighted her physique.

Sharing a slew of fun photographs from a recent family excursion to the desert, with no specifications made by the star as to her exact location, Kate looked as fit and toned as ever as she rocked a tiny two-piece.

Showing off her figure first in a tiny, ribbed bra top and spandex hiking pants, Kate gave her fiance Danny Fujikawa a hand-over-head side hug before turning the tables on her followers and giving off some major summer vibes.

Rocking a skimpy red bikini in her most eye-catching shot, Kate could be seen resting flat on her back as she soaked up vitamin D.

Resting on a curved deck chair that sat upon a smoothly-tiled porch, Kate stunned as she proved that her health and exercise routines continue to pay off.

Stretching her muscular legs out with one lean arm behind her head, the actress accentuated her flat abs and kept her eyes closed to shield them from the bright outdoor light.

“Take me to the dezzzz,” Kate captioned her multiple-pic series.

An array of small desert palms decorated the scenery just beyond the sunbathing area, with a vibrant blue sky above and a low mountain scraping the horizon.

Kate Hudson sizzles in just a towel for desert trip

While Kate’s bikini snap provided enough jaw-dropping fodder for fans to carry through the day, the actress doesn’t appear to have any issues showing off some skin and being scantily clad.

Although most of her recent photo shares were of a more benign nature, with Kate sharing some not only of her beau but also of her adorable daughter Rani Rose, the star made sure to throw in some extra eye candy to add to her bikini snap.

With a smattering of fun snaps that included a sweaty workout session with a friend, Kate then did what she does best and tossed in a little after-shower pic to keep her followers engaged.

Showing off her glowing, youthful complexion, Kate looked to be emerging fresh from a shower, the steam encircling her body and lightly shrouding her face.

Wearing a towel around her hair, Kate added one more fluffy bathroom garment around her torso to cover up her otherwise-clothing-less body.

With an enviable complexion that emanates a youthful glow that defies her 43 years, Kate hasn’t been shy about sharing her beauty secrets with the populace.

Kate Hudson shares her beauty secrets

Opening up to Allure, Kate talked about her skincare rituals and what it’s like to age in the spotlight.

“For me, beauty is about how we feel,” Kate said, explaining that she does appreciate how much her fans seem to love when she goes makeup-free and natural.

“I think there are some people who like that sort of natural vibe and some people who are like, ‘Let’s go.’ And I’m a little bit of both,” she said, adding that she also loves going glam.

Kate told the publication that she likes to keep her beauty routine simple, choosing not to over-wash her face and sticking with the products she knows work for her.

I do water on my face in the morning with a cloth,” she said, telling Allure that makeup artist Gucci Westman was the first to tell her that morning face washing wasn’t necessary and strips the skin of important oils.

Kate also joined forces with Juice Beauty to bring a taste of her own beauty rituals to the population, with her rose mask being one of the actress’ personal favorites.

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