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Kate Beckinsale stuns in strapless pink bikini as she sits on a swan for pool day

Kate Beckinsale close up
Kate Beckinsale showed off her sensational figure in a pink strapless bikini. Pic credit: © Smith /Featureflash

Kate Beckinsale showed off her age-defying abs in a bikini on Monday as she larked about in the pool with her hilarious cat, Clive.

Kate stunned in a strapless pink bikini top with matching bottoms as she got up on her knees to balance on a giant inflatable swan. Her cat Clive was close by, also floating on a swan and despite his furrowed eyebrow and angry features, was most likely enjoying himself.

The Underworld star looked like an old Hollywood actress with her square sunglasses and brunette hair clipped up into a bun as she floated around her pool.

In a video clip that was part of the Instagram carousel, Kate giggled as she looked at her cat, who didn’t appear to be pleased with the water.

In one clip, it looked as if she was having a hard time balancing, though managed to stay up on the swan with some help from the neck.

She captioned the images, “One is never too old, too grey or too furry to discover new joys #clive,” and they received over 127k likes.

Kate Beckinsale has been enjoying days by the pool for the last days of summer

The beauty has clearly been enjoying some time by her pool before the end of summer, posting shots the next day in a much less flesh-baring outfit.

She wore a large kaftan by Julia Clancy as she posed by her pool, looking even more like an old Hollywood starlet than before.

Kate’s kaftan appeared to be light blue with a red pattern on top and was off the shoulder on one side. She clipped her hair up in the same style as the day before and wore the same black, square sunglasses.

Since she wasn’t swimming, the Pearl Harbor star wore a towering pair of strappy, platform heels. In later shots in the carousel, she was seen sitting on a hammock with her beloved pooch as they made silly faces at each other.

Kate captioned the fun shots, “@juliaclancey is queen of the summer 💘,” and they received over 26k likes, including from model, Rose Huntington-Whiteley.

Kate hit back at critics who said it was reckless to adopt a fox as a pet

The actress adores her animals, having recently adopted a fox that she found waiting at her mother’s door during the UK heatwave. She gave the wild animal ice and food, posting pictures of him on Instagram (some of them are now deleted.)

The actress became angry at the Daily Mail who approached her for an interview (to which she declined) about the fox and wrote in a scathing Instagram post that she would no longer be talking about it after the publication wrote critical articles about her in what she thought was revenge.

One such article was called “MARK PALMER: If Kate Beckinsale saw my ransacked garden, she’d soon realise turning a fox into a pet is the act of a reckless fool,” and Kate has since hit out at that on her Instagram Stories.

Kate Beckinsale's fox in her backyard
Pic credit: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

She recently posted a Story showing the fox, whom she named Peepo, sleeping in her yard, writing, “Unlike a certain daily mail journalist, our plant pots are doing just fine. #doasyouwouldbedoneby.”

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