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Kate Beckinsale shows tiny frame in ‘green screen’ bikinis

Kate Beckinsale close up
Kate Beckinsale showed off her incredible physique for ‘green screen’ bikini pics. Pic credit: © Izumi Hasegawa /

Kate Beckinsale is 49 years old, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her recent bikini shots.

The Underworld actress recently shared six photos of herself in a bikini with various pictures on the front. She claimed her friend David Acuff, who’s an editor at Walt Disney, had used a previous green bikini she had posted as a ‘green screen’ to put funny pictures on her.

The first one, a funny joke, showed Kate as her Underworld character, Selene, with her famous short dark hair and two guns pointed. Of course, he didn’t forget her two animals, Willow, her cat, and her fox, which she just got.

The last two were The Queen as well as a minion, and of course, on the top, you could see Kate’s original skimpy green bikini.

She captioned the photo, “Thanks @davidacuff for showing me all the possibilities with a green screen bikini 🥰 I think I like the fox and the Queen best but Willow’s “I did not consent to this” face is incredible too.”

Her hair was parted in the middle and clipped up in a chic bun, and she wore square glasses along with a dazzling smile.

Comedian Sarah Silverman reacts to Kate Beckinsale’s “green screen” bikinis

Kate’s photo received over 87k likes and numerous comments.

David Acuff, who created the funny pictures, wrote, “I’m not saying I deserve a knighthood for this but… a BAFTA? Maybe…?”

Comedian Sarah Silverman also chimed in, writing, “The bottom right one is an assault on your only daughter!!.”

Kate Beckinsale Instagram comments
Pic credit: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

Kate had previously posted the green bikini to Instagram, with the third photo in the carousel being the one David used for the ‘green screen’ bikini pics.

In the first two pictures in the carousel, Kate showed off bracelets from Candy Ice Jewelry. The brand has also been featured on the likes of Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, and Megan Suri to the premiere of Netflix hit Never Have I Ever, as well as Modern Family star Sarah Hyland and Purple Hearts star Sofia Carson.

Kate captioned the pics, “Girl’s best friend💕” while tagging the jewelry line, and they received over 237k likes, including from socialite Paris Hilton.

Kate does some punishing workouts to achieve her muscular physique

As for how Kate Beckinsale achieves such a toned body? Well, her Instagram posts are enough to understand how hard she works out, posting pictures from the gym as well as several yoga pics.

In March, the Pearl Harbor star posted a video of herself hanging from her legs on monkey bars as she lifted herself up into a punishing ab crunch.

In 2016, she told Shape magazine that she doesn’t even like going to the gym but loves how it improves her mood after.

She told the publication, “I start out absolutely dreading it, do an incredibly punishing workout, b***h about it the whole time, and end up feeling 100 percent better when I leave.”

“Working out is basically nature’s antidepressant,” Kate added.

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1 month ago

I wish your article didn’t emphasize her ‘tiny frame’. Young girls have enough issues without articles constantly pointing out someone is considered tiny.