Kate Beckinsale showed off her beatboxing skills with her pet cat on Instagram

Kate Beckinsale poses on the red crpet
Kate Beckinsale and her two cats are regular stars on Instagram. Pic credit: © / Carrie-nelson

Kate Beckinsale showed off her beatboxing skills on Wednesday with a hilariously cute video posted to Instagram. In the video, we also saw a welcome return to Instagram of one of her pet cats.

The video shows a white Persian kitty, who appears to be lying on its back on a bed. Kate, with an outstretched leg, has her barefoot on the moggy’s belly.

The English actress is impressively beatboxing a quite pleasant tune while rhythmically moving her foot to the beat over the cat.

Kate’s fluffy friend at first appears nonplussed about the whole event, but it then starts to try to lick the Underworld star’s toes. The video is captioned “See it appears to me you like my groove.”

We have to agree, by the end of the short video, the cat appears to be enjoying its musical foot rub.

DJ music producer and promoter Jodie Harsh commented on the video.

“So cute!!!” she wrote, followed by a heart emoji. This seemed to be the general sentiment in most of the replies, though one user wondered, “who said dubstep was dead.”

Kate is the proud owner of two Persian cats: a white one called Willow, who is approximately 2-years old, and Clive, who is white and grey and is 11 or 12 years old. It appears to be Willow, who got the musical foot rub.

This isn’t the first time one of Kate’s cat has stolen the show on Instagram. Last week Clive appeared dressed as Wonder Woman, something he seemed quite grumpy about.

Christmas time saw Clive back with another grumpy cat impression as he donned a Santa outfit for a video, as Santa Claus Is Coming To Town belted out in the background. “Bad Santa,” she calls him.

Finally, last November, Kate was filmed using Willow (gently) as a duster to clean her floor. She didn’t seem to mind at all.

Kate Beckinsale classes herself “very much a cat person.”

She has said, “Cats are easier than dogs because you don’t have to walk around with a bag of poo like you do with a dog, which I hate to walk around with a bag of poo.”

Which is a fair argument in my book, who does want to walk around with a bag of poo?

Either way, let’s hope for loads more hilarious cat videos from Kate in the coming year.

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