Kate Beckinsale shares hilarious English ‘bum’ tradition for Thanksgiving

Kate Beckinsale attends the 31st Annual Producers Guild Awards
Kate Beckinsale shared her “bum in the face” tradition on Thanksgiving. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

While Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in the UK, English actress Kate Beckinsale did still share a tradition with her Thanksgiving-celebrating fans. Beckinsale revealed that she enjoys a “bum in the face” tradition around this time of year.

She explained that the tradition is pretty simple; it just involves sticking one’s bum in the face of their unsuspecting, sleeping friends. She encouraged her fans to “borrow” the tradition as many might find themselves with an opportunity to practice it during holiday get-togethers.

Meanwhile, her fans also got a visual example of what the tradition looked like. Beckinsale proved that her tradition is real by partaking in it herself.

In the video, she could be seen standing as her friend slept on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed. Beckinsale took advantage of her friend’s nap and quickly got into position.

She crouched down low and backed up until she was directly in front of her friend’s face. The cameraperson was in on the tradition, too, as they silently filmed Beckinsale.

Once she was in position, her friend happened to wake up and was quite startled, though he did begin to laugh after his initial shock wore off.

Kate Beckinsale showed off her sense of humor

Beckinsale proved once more that she has a sense of humor as she chose the “bum in the face” tradition to wish her fans a Happy Thanksgiving.

This isn’t the first time that Beckinsale has shared her hilarity with her social media followers. She particularly seems to enjoy a good deal of toilet humor.

For example, earlier this month, she shared a candid discussion she had with her stylist about farts. The argument even delved into whether Americans light farts or if it’s just the English.

She may have gotten some of her sense of humor from her famous parents, her actress mother, Judy Loe, and her film director stepfather, Roy Battersby. Beckinsale has five step-siblings from her stepfather’s marriage to her mother.

Beckinsale recently celebrated Halloween with her family and shared a hilarious video of her parents scaring young trick-or-treaters with their shenanigans.

Beckinsale has the perfect platform to share her humor and her shenanigans with, considering she boasts 5.5 million followers on Instagram.

Beckinsale to star in upcoming thriller, Canary Black

While Beckinsale occasionally has time for humorous social media updates, she is frequently busy filming. Most recently, she has been filming for an upcoming action-thriller, Canary Back.

Few details are known about the project, aside from Pierre Morel directing and Beckinsale starring in it alongside Rupert Friend. It only just recently took Beckinsale to Croatia for early filming.

According to Deadline, the film follows a CIA operative, Avery Graves (Beckinsale), who embarks on a dangerous mission to deliver a ransom and save her kidnapped husband. However, she will deal with terrorism, betrayal, and blackmail at every turn as she delves into the criminal underground.

Beckinsale shared the first-look image of Canary Black with her followers. She expressed her excitement for the project as she captioned the shot, “Whee let’s go #canaryblack.”

The photo caught her in mid-sprint as her character seemingly appeared in an action sequence. She wore a sleek trench coat with black undergarments in the shot.

Beckinsale will likely have further updates as she delves deeper into filming for the project.

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