Kate Beckinsale in plunging checkered bikini reveals toned abs

Kate Beckinsale close up shot
Kate Beckinsale is stunning in a skimpy bikini and heels. Pic credit: ©

Actress Kate Beckinsale is heating things up as most temperatures begin to drop with summer’s end, but she’s still enjoying the sun.

Kate seems to be enjoying a warm vacation lately as she’s been poolside and at the ocean multiple times.

Based on an emoji in a recent picture, Kate appears to be in Mexico with a couple of friends as they live it up and enjoy themselves before the temperatures really drop this year.

Friday night, Kate took to her Instagram Stories and shared a picture of herself backed by artwork as she looked like a masterpiece herself.

She was stunning in a checkered blue bikini and some chunky high heels as she raised her arms above her head.

Her pose and the swimsuit showed off her toned abs and legs, though she hid her eyes behind a large pair of sunglasses.

Kate Beckinsale in bikini on her Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @katebeckinsale/Instagram

The picture is no longer on her Instagram Stories, but this isn’t Kate’s only fashionable look as she rides out the end of summer.

Kate Beckinsale shows off bikinis on vacation

Kate’s Instagram feed and Stories have been full of swimsuit shots, jokes, and even mermaid tails.

She and a friend recently posed for several shots together, wearing colorful mermaid tails. Her friend, Gabriella Morpeth, is a costume designer, and it’s possible she designed their mermaid tails.

She also showed off in a green bikini and again revealed her incredible figure and powerful strut in an orange bikini as she showed her “farm to table” skills.

Aside from her bikini looks, Kate also channeled Marilyn Monroe in a white dress as she stood tall in her heels.

Aside from her Mexico outfits, Kate has started September off with a daring swimsuit to promote a popular food chain in the UK.

Kate Beckinsale in swimsuit for sausage rolls

At the start of the month, Kate shared a swimsuit shot of her in a blue swimsuit with the Greggs logo repeated all over the dark blue fabric.

Greggs is a popular chain in the UK that is known for its sausage rolls.

Kate paired the swimsuit with a white belt, and a stunning bowed and veiled headband on top of her head.

She joked, “Everyone relax -it is possible to take a Gregg’s swimsuit from day to night PANIC OVER.”

Her swimsuit shot and joking caption earned over 113 thousand likes from her 5.5 million followers and fans.

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