Kate Beckinsale in mint green bikini shows off ‘girl’s best friend’

Kate Beckinsale's face
Kate Beckinsale is iced out in new bikini photos. Pic credit: ©

Kate Beckinsale usually poses with her cat to the delight of her fans, but this time around, she’s left Clive at home to share another one of her favorite things, one she’s calling a “girl’s best friend.”

On Monday, the Underworld actress took to Instagram, sharing a set of pictures of herself posing in a mint green strapless bikini.

Kate looked fierce in the photo with her hair pulled back into a fancy bun and oversized pink sunglasses covering most of her face. But the real star of the show was Kate’s jewelry,

On her wrists, the 49-year-old bombshell wore a double rope of diamond tennis bracelets. She wore another strand of diamonds around her neck with another rope of pearls for extra measure.

In the first photo, Kate looked stoic, gazing off into the distance. The second showed only part of her face, instead focusing on the jewelry with sparkles added for effect.

By the third and final photo, Kate was smiling, clearly enjoying the fancy baubles she was showing off to her 5.4 million Instagram followers.

Clearly, Kate Beckinsale agrees with the old adage that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Kate Beckinsale turns heads in a bandeau top and ruffled hot pants

Kate’s diamond show-off came just a day after she took to Instagram with another look, wowing her fans while wearing an orange bandeau style top with a pair of ruffled hot pants that showed off long, lean legs.

She wore the outfit with a green cardigan hanging loosely off her shoulders and a pair of platform wedges that gave her even more height.

The Van Helsing star captioned the photo, “He’ll never find me here.”

Clive often steals the show

While Kate Beckinsale is a bombshell, it’s her Persian cat Clive who often steals the show in her photos.

The sour-faced cat proved as much last week when Kate got dressed up in another bikini, this time a sweet blue and white gingham number, while Clive sat getting his head scratched while sporting a grey polo.

He looked more than happy for the extra attention and doesn’t seem to mind his internet fame at all,

In fact, it wasn’t long before that when Kate shared another photo of herself hanging out with her cat. Again, she was sporting swimwear and was even lounging on a floaty in the pool. Right on top of her was Clive, who didn’t seem worried about being surrounded by water at all.

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