Kate Beckinsale impresses with splits in spandex for ‘Christmas in hell’

Kate Beckinsale sizzles while attending a premiere.
Kate Beckinsale did an amazing split while clad in spandex as she showed off her Christmas tree. Pic credit: © Hasegawa/HollywoodNewsWire

The world may know Kate Beckinsale as a talented actress, but fans learned something else about Kate thanks to her latest social media post.

The Underworld and Jolt beauty proved that her talents go beyond the silver screen as she shared a move with her followers today.

Kate showed off not only her incredibly slender physique but also her flexibility as she and pal Gabriella Morpeth of Star Wars: Episode VIII- The Last Jedi hammed it up for the cameras to show off their unique Christmas tree.

Kate looked relaxed in her attire, which included a three-quarter-sleeved black top with a maroon undershirt peeking out the bottom, paired with slimming spandex leggings.

Spreading one arm wide above her head in a celebratory pose, Kate beamed at her friend as she propped one straight leg on top of Gabriella’s shoulder for an amazing split.

A freshly-decorated Christmas tree sparkled behind the pair.

Kate Beckinsale shows off splits with ‘Christmas tree in hell’

A closer look into Kate’s post showed that the tree was anything but traditional, with a variety of hilarious decor strewn across its branches.

“Lovely Lada made us a Christmas tree in hell .. and then our resourceful crew added some personal touches. Someone has no pants on and that was a noble sacrifice ???,” Kate captioned the series, alluding to a later pic that showed a pair of underwear nestled in between decorations.

While Kate’s second snap showed the tree looking pretty average, the remaining four shots gave a totally new look at what Kate and Gabriella chose for their ornaments.

Snap number three showed a close-up of one section of the conifer, with a blown-up blue medical glove dominating the view and taking the eye immediately away from the more regular trinkets hanging nearby.

A striped cloth could just be seen in the frame of the photo, though its exact identification remained unclear until Kate zoomed in on the object in her next pic.

In a hilarious addition, and explaining Kate’s caption regarding a person having sacrificed their pants for the cause, a pair of red, white, and black-striped boxers hung delicately between two pink clips. Meanwhile, blue ornaments and a star-shaped light clung to needles in the proximity of the underwear.

Kate’s next photo gave a stark reminder of rougher times in the not-too-distant past, with the star having hung a positive Covid test strip on a branch of the tree.

To lighten the mood up for her final snap, Kate shared a fun section of her evergreen that had been decorated with playing cards detailing tidbits with pics of certain soccer stars to commemorate the World Cup.

With Kate continuously proving that her figure hardly seems to change as the years go by, the actress opened up in the past about just how she maintains her body while working hard in front of the cameras.

Kate Beckinsale shares her exercise secrets

As shared by Monsters and Critics, Kate takes her exercise seriously these days.

The star has admitted in the past that she was pretty lazy with her workouts in her younger days until Pearl Harbor director Michael Bay criticized her weight on set.

These days, the actress is more dedicated to her fitness, sharing that her routine consists of weight lifting, cardio, and endurance.

“Now exercise is almost more important to me moodwise,” she said of the benefits of exercising versus the “great side effects” she gets in terms of building lean muscles in the process.

Kate also attributes her flexibility, as evidenced in her recent post, to her dedication to practicing yoga.

“I haven’t been injured while doing an action movie, and I think it’s partially from practicing yoga,” Kate shared.

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