Kate Beckinsale has legs for days in tiny white hot pants

Kate Beckinsale close up
Kate Beckinsale showed off her long, lean legs in a tiny pair of white hot pants. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Kate Beckinsale showed off her jaw-dropping figure in the tiniest pair of white hot pants as she let her long, lithe legs do the talking.

Her little hot pants featured white ruffles, and she paired them with a strapless, orange bikini top and a soft, green cardigan. She paired the ensemble with a very high pair of platform, strappy heels that emphasized her legs for days.

Kate opted for a high bun in her hair and went full-on chic with a boxy pair of black sunglasses.

She captioned the stunning Instagram photo, “He’ll never find me here,” and it received over 88k likes.

She’s incredibly popular on Instagram, boasting over 5 million followers, including The Princess Switch star Vanessa Hudgens, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, and socialite Paris Hilton.

While Kate’s outfit may look entirely adorable, it was her toned figure that stole all the attention, and she’s been keeping it in shape with regular exercise since her 20s.

Kate Beckinsale doesn’t actually like exercise until it’s over

The Underworld actress, who hails from London, told Shape magazine that she’s not a huge fan of exercise; actually, she hates it, but she likes how it makes her feel afterward.

She told the publication, “I start out absolutely dreading it, do an incredibly punishing workout, b***h about it the whole time, and end up feeling 100 percent better when I leave.”

She added, “Working out is basically nature’s antidepressant.”

Despite viewing exercise as a way to feel happier, the Pearl Harbor actress didn’t exactly get into it for herself. She revealed to Women’s Health magazine that the director of the movie, Michael Bay, asked her to lose weight, and that’s how she got into fitness.

She told the publication, “It wasn’t great, it didn’t make me feel good, and in general, I think women are body-shamed 100 million percent more than men. But on this particular project, I wasn’t.”

While at the gym, Kate focuses on doing two exercises simultaneously, for example, a bicep curl while squatting.

Kate doesn’t want to stay home and just crochet

At 49 years old, Kate certainly has what you might call an age-defying body, and mentally she certainly still feels young, even if the world might not agree.

She told Women’s Health, “It can feel like a little bit of a political act to be a woman over 32 who is having any fun at all.”

Of course, she doesn’t mean drinking or doing drugs, but just “being goofy, and going out.”

She made a good point, saying most people expect women over a certain age to stay at home, crochet, and anticipate menopause. “Unless you’re doing that, it somehow seems to be risqué, which is just ridiculous to me.”

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