Kat Von D anti-vax spurs boycott, breathes new life into swastika controversy

Kat Von D antivax plans announced, swastika controversy resurfaces
Kat Von D controversy kicked up over anti-vax statement — Pic credit: Kat Von D/Instagram

Is Kat Von D canceled? Recently the controversial tattoo artist got married and it was quite a sight. Then, just days later, she revealed her pregnancy and her decision not to vaccinate her unborn child with the world.

Now, many (dare we say) former Kat Von D fans are turning their backs on the gothic tattoo expert turned cosmetics queen. Citing her decision not to vaccinate, many on social media are calling Kat out and saying they are boycotting her products.

In a lengthy post talking about her pregnancy, her birth plan and her plans to raise the child, Kat Von D made it clear that she plans to raise the baby as a vegan and to pass on vaccinations.

“And, if you don’t know what it’s like to have the entire world openly criticize, judge, throw uninformed opinions, and curse you – try being an openly pregnant vegan on Instagram, having a natural, drug-free home birth in water with a midwife and doula, who has the intention of raising a vegan child, without vaccinations,” Kat ended the message.


Angry social media users flooded the comments of Kat Von D’s Instagram post despite her request that those who disagree to just unfollow and leave her alone. It seems that her decision not to vaccinate the child has really upset quite a few people.

“I was with Kat von D’s natural vegan pregnancy and birth until she said she wasn’t going to vaccinate her child. Done. No more Kat von D cosmetics for me,” wrote one former fan on Twitter.

Another wrote, “I always loved Kat Von D. Until she came out that she would not be vaccinating her child. I have no tolerance for that s**t.”

The blowback over Kat Von D’s anti-vax stance has been pretty fierce. Not long after, this Facebook post started to go viral, reminding everyone that Kat has weathered a lot bigger controversies than her stance on vaccines and that she should have been canceled a long time ago.

Of course, this prompted a lot of questions about Kat Von D’s controversial past and we’re here to help explain.

Back when Kat was making her mark on Miami Ink, she was accused of shockingly anti-Semitic behavior. As the story goes, Kat allegedly autographed a picture of herself and wrote the inscription, “Burn in hell, Jewbag” on it. In addition to the scathing message, the photo also had a flaming Star of David and a swastika drawn on it.

Another Miami Ink artist, Chris Garver, says that Kat Von D handed the photo to him. It was reportedly a “gift” for her former boss at the shop, Ami James, who is Jewish.

According to a TMZ exclusive, Ami’s lawyer had the handwriting on the photo analyzed and a handwriting expert claims that the message was written by Kat with “99 percent probability.”

Despite the handwriting analysis, TLC did not fire Kat Von D. Instead, she got her own show. LA Ink premiered just one month later.

Naturally, everyone wanted to know what the network was thinking by continuing to employ someone after such a controversial and anti-Semitic gesture. Well, TMZ also reached out to them for comment and this is what TLC said in response:

“A publicity photo was brought to the network’s attention eight months ago that contained extraordinarily offensive language. A full investigation was immediately conducted to determine whether anyone associated with the network was involved. Kat vehemently denied authoring the text and after completing the investigation, it was determined that insufficient evidence existed to conclude that she had. Therefore, no disciplinary action was taken. The network always takes these matters seriously and follows what we believe to be an appropriate course of action as dictated by the circumstances and available information.”

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