Kat McNamara channels pumpkin spice for fall outfit inspo

Katherine McNamara wearing a flannel top.
Kat McNamara with her red hair in a bun. Pic credit: @kat.mcnamara/Instagram

Fall is the perfect time of year to break out some of the loveliest colors from the shelves of your closet.

Orange happens to be one of the prettiest colors one can wear in the middle of fall since the color orange instantly reminds people of leaves scattered everywhere.

Kat McNamara certainly got the memo when it comes to dressing up for the right time of year based on the elegant new pictures she shared.

According to her Instagram bio, she’s into being a chameleon, laughing as much as possible, nerding out, telling puns, baking desserts, and living the life of a thespian.

Although she doesn’t mention it anywhere in her bio, it’s clear that she’s also a fashionista who knows how to dress her best.

Kat’s stunning pictures in an orange dress are magical enough to remind anyone of the sweet flavor of pumpkin spice.

Kat McNamara is all about pumpkin spice

Kat looked beyond chic in the fancy orange dress she wore, made with its shiny material in a recent photo thread. Since the dress’s fabric was designed to reflect a bit of shine, it looked like the type of dress that belonged in a ballroom.

The dress was created with one sleeve, which meant one of her arms was totally uncovered. It was short enough to show off her thighs and legs as well.

Kat wore her red hair parted down the middle with curls all the way through, and a face of exquisite makeup. She wrote, “Pumpkin spice and everything nice…” in her caption.

Kat McNamara looks amazing when she’s all bundled up

Kat has tons of pictures on social media that show off a little extra skin, but she still looks just as fabulous when she’s all bundled up.

She shared a selfie wearing a flannel covered in brown and blue patterned squares from top to bottom. Underneath the cozy flannel, she wore a teal-colored, long-sleeved shirt with a row of buttons up the center of her chest.

She kept her accessories simple, with one necklace that had a diamond-shaped pendant hanging from the bottom. Kat wore her red hair parted on the side and pulled back into a ponytail or a bun. She left a few strands of hair freely down to frame her face.

Kat kept her makeup minimal and clean-cut with a little pink lipstick and mascara.

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