Kat Graham stuns in plunging pink gown for Miss Piggy transformation

kat graham
Kat Graham wore short bangs and a bob haircut. Pic credit: ©

The character of Miss Piggy has been around since she debuted in 1976 as part of The Muppet Show, among other puppet characters.

Since Miss Piggy is considered incredibly iconic, it makes sense that people would want to dress up like her for Halloween.

Kat Graham is the latest gorgeous actress to step up to the plate and dress up like Miss Piggy while enjoying the spooky season.

Kat has dressed up like several different characters over the course of her career as an actress, including a teenage witch with good intentions in The Vampire Diaries.

Kat also made the world believe she was a professional dancer in 2011’s Honey 2 while tricking viewers into believing she was a newly single traveler in 2022’s Love in the Villa.

Her Halloween costume is very different than any of the characters she has played in a movie or TV show, though.

Kat Graham looked flawless as Miss Piggy

Kat shared a series of pictures dressed up like Miss Piggy for Halloween – and she totally rocked the look. The shiny pink gown she wore resembled the same dress Marilyn Monroe wore when she performed the song Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Kat wore a pair of pink gloves that covered her elbows, arms, hands, and fingers. She also wore a pair of matching heels that had giant pink bows tied over her toes.

Kat accessorized with two large necklaces made of white pearls, a pig nose, and a pair of pig ears. She also went with curly blonde hair to complete the look in an elegant way.

Kat Graham looked gorgeous during Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is generally a big deal to just about every single celebrity (and non-famous person) who cares about style, trends, and new fashion statements.

Kat wore a sweet outfit during Paris Fashion Week that started with a baggy white top that revealed one of her shoulders due to its off-the-shoulder design.

She wore a pair of black slacks along with the loose-fitting top, black heels with straps, and a brown handbag tucked under one arm. One of the most memorable details from her entire outfit is the fact that she wore a pink bucket hat on her head covered in a black and white floral print.

The hat also had capitalized black letters printed on the front. Kat didn’t skip out on jewelry, opting for a pair of large gold hoop earrings. Lastly, she added a couple of rings on one hand.

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