Karol G stuns topless in fishnets with bright red hair

Karol G's face zoomed in. Pic credit: @KarolG/Instagram
Karol G’s face zoomed in. Pic credit: @KarolG/Instagram

There’s a reason people are so obsessed with Karol G these days.

Not only does the musician release fun and catchy songs for her listeners, but she also posts stunning content on social media.

Karol’s pictures and videos are enough to wow anyone who might look her way.

Whether Karol is wearing a sexy dress or a bikini, she looks totally incredible.

Keeping up with Karol on social media means gaining access to tons of her stunning posts.

Most recently, she decided to share a topless picture on the gram.

Karol G went topless on Instagram in fishnets

Karol shared a topless picture on Instagram, using her bright red hair to cover the most important areas.

Karol’s bottom half was covered in fishnet tights that had a thick black band around her midsection.

Without a shirt or blouse on to cover her skin, several of her tattoos were totally visible.

Karol has a few tattoos lined up on her arm and one in the middle of her stomach above her belly button. The singer also has a tattoo on her hand, leading the way up her pointer finger.

She kept her makeup clean and simple for this set of dazzling photos. Her eyebrows were on point, she was wearing light mascara, and she was possibly wearing a little bit of foundation.

As far as lipstick went, she totally ditched the practice of wearing any dark or bright colors. It appeared that she had on a thin layer of colorless Chapstick or lip gloss.

Karol’s acrylic nails were revealed in the third picture of her photo thread. She went with ombre nails that started pink at the base and ended with glitter at the tips.

Karol G’s hair was bright teal before it was red

While Karol’s bright red hair is one of the most interesting things to stand out about her right now, that wasn’t always her hair color of choice.

During the summer, Karol was rocking teal-colored hair as she spent time cooling down by the pool.

In a series of photos, she posed confidently in a silvery metallic one-piece.

Her teal-colored hair was just as long as ever but had beachy waves throughout instead of being totally straightened.

Although Karol didn’t accessorize with too much jewelry, she did wear a pair of gray sunglasses in her other slides in the post.

At the time, her acrylic nails were pale pink in a coffin shape.

Karol G’s Instagram can be lots of fun with some unusual posts, back in her pre-teal hair days, she posted several pics of herself horse riding.

She looked incredible, donned in an elaborate cowgirl outfit complete with beautifully ornate cowgirl boots and full gear, all she was missing was a cowgirl hat.

For the caption, she wrote, “Mi parte Favorita 🥀 Cual es la tuya ???” which roughly translates as My favorite part. What’s yours?

Karol G clocked up a massive 3 million likes for that horsey post.

Karol G proves to be a winner at the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022

Karol picked up a ton of nominations and a couple of wins at last month’s Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022 in Coral Gables, Florida.

The Colombian artist was nominated for a whopping 15 categories, including Artist of the Year and Song of the Year, the only female star to pick up nominations for those categories. And only Bad Bunny picked up more nominations than Karol.

In the end, Karol picked up wins for Female Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year and Female Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year. Bad Bunny bagged up Artist of the Year.

Karol G receiving an award
Karol G keeps on winning awards for her music. Here, she’s pictured receiving a Grammy in 2018. Pic credit: ©

Karol is in the midst of a 30-city tour of North America just now, which spans the US and also heads over the border to Canada. The Strip Love Tour started out in Chicago last month and will wrap things up in Vancouver on October 29.

This week she’s playing Kansas City on Friday before heading to Denver for a Sunday concert.

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