Karol G celebrates Aquarius season as she turns 32

karol g selfie
Karol G is celebrating her birthday and looking bomb. Pic credit: @karolg/Instagram

Colombian songstress Karol G just turned 32 and celebrated with a bikini picture from her lavish pad.

As Karol explained in a caption accompanying the post, this was her 32nd birthday, and she was an Aquarius baby.

For those not well-versed in astrology, Aquarians are the non-conformists of the zodiac, and Karol’s ever-changing hair colors might reflect that quality.

Karol has seemingly enjoyed every hair color under the rainbow, rocking electric blue tresses for quite some time before going bright red before Halloween.

And while a new hair color is almost certainly on the horizon, Karol’s fire-red tresses have a lot of fans, including the singer herself.

To commemorate her birthday, Karol shared an unfiltered bikini image with her 58.9 million followers on Instagram. Karol’s post received a ton of love in the form of likes and countless birthday wishes for the Colombian queen.

Karol G celebrates her birthday in a mint green two-piece

Karol G started her two-part IG carousel with a mirror selfie as she smiled brightly and tilted her head. Karol gave a new meaning to wearing one’s birthday suit with a fabulous green two-piece, including a stringy top and matching bottoms.

Behind Karol, her room was slightly disorganized, with clothing strewn across her bed. But as the birthday girl, Karol got a break, and she definitely was gorgeous.

The singer’s fire-red tresses cascaded down her shoulder, touching her waist.

For accessories, Karol donned layered necklaces, including one pendant with her first name initial.

In the second picture, Karol worked her angles, sharing a different perspective and a brighter smile. The singer’s red tresses fell effortlessly to one side as the bare-faced and beautiful singer felt the moment and served a fashion win.

The post, of course, was well-received, with a staggering 7.3 million likes and counting.

Karol G talks about beauty secrets

Karol G has become a household name, particularly in Latin America, where she has dominated the charts. The Medellin native has also become a champion for body positivity as a curvy queen who encourages self-love.

Karol spoke with ET and explained her favorite beauty products that helped her achieve a youthful and healthy glow.

The singer began, “I am incredibly obsessed with facial creams.”

As Karol explained, she has quite a lineup of beauty products in order to maintain her youth.

She continued, “I use creams for my undereyes, my face, a morning cream and a night cream. I have this weird thing about my face that it needs to look super young. I pretty much have a ton of facial creams.”

It seems that Karol’s “weird thing” about her face has served her well.

Karol G is breaking the internet in a tiny green bikini as she goes unfiltered for her birthday and celebrates Aquarius season.

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