Karlie Kloss sizzles in cutout dress for necessary bathroom selfie

Karlie Kloss flashes her bright smile with red lipstick.
Karlie Kloss smiles with short blonde hair. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Modeling happens to be the name of the game for Karlie Kloss who looks absolutely fabulous in whatever she chooses to wear.

According to her Instagram bio, she’s a business model, which means she’s linked to some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world of fashion.

Since Karlie is so heavily involved in fashion, tons of her social media posts showcase just how trendy she really is.

Sometimes Karlie poses for jaw-dropping pictures in her own luxurious backyard and other times she poses for group selfies with several of her closest friends.

Most recently, she shared a sinning picture on her Instagram Story wearing a cutout dress that was designed with the perfect color scheme and missing sections.

Not long before that, she promoted her brand deal with Estee Lauder using a stunning Instagram Reel that showed off her high levels of class and chicness.

Karlie Kloss looks ravishing in a cutout dress

Karlie pulled off one of the most sultry and attractive cutout dresses ever in a gorgeous mirror selfie that she snapped in front of a full-length bathroom wall.

The top of the cutout dress was designed to look like a black bra or a bikini top, leaving little to the imagination based on how much fabric was used to cover her chest area.

Karlie Kloss shows off her toned figure in a cutout dress.
Karlie Kloss stuns in a black and yellow dress. Pic credit: @karliekloss/Instagram

The midsection of the dress was a nude color made out of silk or satin fabric. The bottom of the dress was made out of yellow lace that went down to her knees.

She accessorized with a pair of black earrings and a small gold bracelet around one wrist. She held her white iPhone up to take the picture so one of her eyes was hidden. The rest of her face was easy to see, though. Her makeup looked amazing and so did her dark brown hair.

She added a text block in white letters that said, “can’t leave the bathroom without a selfie.”

Karlie Kloss represents Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is one of the biggest beauty companies to align yourself with as a model, actress, social media influencer, or general celebrity. Karlie represented the company well with a lovely video that she shared.

In the Reel, she spent time applying some Estee Lauder branded lipstick in front of a mirror. She sat perched upon a white countertop wearing a neutral-colored button-up dress with a collar and pockets.

The dress had long sleeves providing total holiday vibes. She added a snappy caption that said, “be ready in five @esteelauder x.” Estee Lauder sells tons of products beyond lipstick including perfume and skincare serums.

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