Kara Del Toro stuns in flesh-toned dress to show off new home decor

Kara Del Toro poses with a hand in her hair for a selfie
Kara Del Toro stunned in a nude-colored dress to show off her home decor. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

Kara Del Toro looked stunning as she posed in a nude-colored, formfitting dress for an update on her home furnishing.

The 29-year-old model posed in her home, sitting on top of her vintage travertine dining table. She noted the dining table was from DLCo Interiors and was one of her favorite pieces so far.

The dining table was the latest addition to her new home, as she indicated to her fans that her “house is coming together.”

To show off her natural-stone dining table, Del Toro posed for a few shots sitting on the top of it. For the photos, she donned a gorgeous nude-colored gown.

The formfitting, plunging dress hugged her figure, featuring long sleeves and reaching down to her feet.

She wore her golden locks in shapely waves cascading down her shoulders and back. Del Toro was also already putting her table to good use as she had a beverage resting on the tabletop next to her.

Kara Del Toro looked stunning for home decor reveal

Del Toro looked gorgeousΒ in her nude-colored dress as she revealed her latest home decor.

The table matched the color of Del Toro’s dress nicely. It also looked like a nice addition to her home as it was surrounded by matching chairs and resting in front of some windows that offered a balcony view.

Back in September, Del Toro gave her followers a more in-depth house tour through a series of photos. She captioned the photos simply, “Home.”

Her two-story home looked incredible as it featured large arch-shaped windows, a fireplace, and a balcony with an intricately designed black railing.

Del Toro added to its beauty with her various furnishings, including a flatscreen TV above the fireplace, a long wooden coffee table laden with books and pottery, and a white L-shaped sectional sofa.

Her house was coming along nicely as she coordinated her furnishings and designs to create a vintage look.

Kara Del Toro was basking in homeownership

Del Toro was basking in her official status as a homeowner as she showed off the before and after of her home.

The video played to the tune of Wallace Collection’s Daydream as it went through several transitions. It opened with Del Toro, in jeans and a tank top, walking through the empty interior of her home.

The video then transitioned to Del Toro in her nude-colored dress with her fully furnished house, including her dining table.

Another portion of the video saw her once more in jeans and a tank top as she geared up for a trust fall. The video then transitioned and saw her land onto the cushions of her sectional.

Del Toro then took her fans outside to the balcony for one last transition.

Her balcony was just as stunning as her interior as it featured a full patio set including a table, matching chairs, and several potted plants. Del Toro ended the video in her nude-colored dress as she leaned against her patio furniture with a well-deserved glass of wine in her hand to celebrate being an “official adult” in her new home.

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