Kara Del Toro shows fans why she’s a huge SKIMS fan

Kara Del Toro stuns in nude-colored SKIMS.
Kara Del Toro showcases her incredible physique while wearing one of her favorite products. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

The beloved Kara Del Toro posed in one of everyone’s favorite bodysuits.

The stunning model was captured wearing the fan-favorite SKIMS suit while providing fans with jaw-dropping shots.

It goes without saying that Kara was the perfect face to have to represent the brand as she’s easily loved between both her killer looks and kind-hearted nature.

SKIMS decided to upload the helpful clip onto their Instagram page, where they then transformed it into a rather informative Reel.

The Reel was shared with the company’s 4.6 million followers and seemed to easily grab the attention of many loyal fans.

As the young model posed, she looked effortlessly stunning while she promoted the brand’s clothing perfectly.

Kara Del Toro stuns in SKIMS bodysuit

SKIMS certainly knows what it’s doing, especially when it comes to its advertising and promotions.

In one of their recent Reels, Kara was featured in the short clip as she posed in one of SKIMS’ nude-colored sculpting bodysuits.

According to the model, this particular bodysuit is a dream come true as it perfectly sculpts and shapes everything while it also lifts and holds, offering the body full support.

The bodysuit comes in various colors and has a wide range of sizes. That way, everyone can enjoy this life-changing product.

In the video, Kara parted her hair down the middle as she left her light-colored hair down in light waves.

Her makeup looked flawless as she sported a touch of mascara and blush along her cheeks. She then finalized the stunning look with a pinkish-nude lip.

The post was captioned, “Not a filter, just everyone’s favorite bodysuit. This closet staple just restocked in 9 core colors — shop now. @karajewelll wears the Sculpting Bodysuit, size S/M, in Ochre.”

Kara Del Toro is a proud ELEMIS partner

In another recent post, Kara shared some of her favorite skincare products that were all made by one of her favorite health and beauty brands called ELEMIS.

ELEMIS is a London-based health and wellness brand specializing in luxurious skincare products.

Kara is such a huge fan of the company that she partnered with the brand to help spread the word about their wonderful products.

In the post, the model shared some of the everyday skincare products she uses to get a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

She then went through her toilette bag and gave a detailed description of each of the products that were located within it.

She captioned the post, “What’s in my toiletry bag? All of the products I travel with including some of my faves from @elemis ? who else is going home for the holidays? #elemispartner.”

Fan enjoyed Kara’s helpful tips and tricks as the post received 10kk likes and over 100 comments.

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