Kara Del Toro shares her ‘no makeup’ makeup secrets and favorite products

Kara Del Toro selfie
Model Kara Del Toro shared her classic “no makeup” makeup routine that leaves her looking all-natural and flawless. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

Model Kara Del Toro is known for her flawless looks and high taste in fashion, and as a model, she has some makeup and skincare items that she absolutely loves.

Kara typically goes for a “no makeup” makeup look, a light enough makeup look that an untrained eye might think she was going bare-faced.

The Texan beauty loves to share her routines with her fanbase, and sharing her makeup routine and products is no different.

Earlier this week, she shared her famous makeup-free makeup look, and the result was absolutely stunning.

She starts her routine with one of her favorite products, the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil. She notes that she uses it every day, once in the morning and once at night, and has been using this beloved product for over a year. She notes that this really hydrates her skin and makes her face glow.

Her second step is another hydrating and shining product, Elemis Superfood Glow Priming moisturizer. She describes this as the “perfect primer” as it’s super moisturizing and even has some highlighter to it to leave her face absolutely glowing.

After starting up with her oil and primer, she adds a little concealer under her eyes to lift them up, adds some bronzer for extra healthy color, and adds a slightly darker blush to the top of her cheekbones.

Last but not least, Kara uses a nude lip liner, fills in her eyebrows and gels them up, and curls her eyelashes before using the Elemis Superfood facial mist, which refreshes the skin and sets her makeup.

Where to shop Kara Del Toro’s favorite ‘no-makeup’ beauty products

Elemis is one of Kara’s favorite beauty brands, and she uses a lot of their products. Their items can be bought online at their website and at beauty retailer ULTA.

Their Superfood Facial Oil comes in two sizes – 15mL or 30 mL. The smaller size retails for approximately $59, while the larger size retails for $96.

The Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturizer is largely available in a travel-size bottle containing about 0.6oz for $21, but larger 2oz containers can be bought for $50.

Kara uses the Superfood Kefir Tea Mist to set her makeup when she’s finished, which is available in a 100mL bottle for $35 or a 30mL bottle for $14.

Unfortunately, Kara does not go into detail about what brands she uses for bronzer, concealer, lip liner, or blush, so anyone looking to copy the look should find a product they like and test out their own no-makeup makeup.

While Kara has her own routine, sometimes it’s hard to establish a new skincare routine, but fortunately, there are tons of helpful hints and tips available to those who want to give it a shot.

How to establish a skincare routine

Skincare can be a tricky art to tackle, but it can be necessary to keep one looking young and to protect the body’s largest organ. That’s right, the skin is the largest organ!

Not only can skincare routines be important in keeping away wrinkles and sun damage, but they can also help balance the oils in the skin and prevent dry or oily skin. Every person’s skin is different, and certain conditions impact what products can be used. For example, those with eczema or rosacea may have to weed out certain products that are more irritating to the skin, such as retinol and alcohol.

The first step of starting a skincare routine is figuring out your skin type. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to see an expert, though if you have sensitive skin or other conditions, seeing a dermatologist could be worth the time.

Generally, it’s recommended to take care of your face in the morning and at night. Given that everyone’s skin is different, skincare doesn’t look the same for everyone, but often there are a few basic steps: Cleaning, moisturizing, and adding SPF.

Some moisturizers have SPF in them, but not all of them do. Although sun exposure can be nice for getting a nice tan, the long-term effects can be very damaging to the skin, so it’s important to have protection from the sun’s rays. The most important thing to remember with SPF is to be consistent – don’t skip out on it!

Nighttime routines may vary depending on the amount of sunscreen, makeup, and sweat that a person has on their face after a long day. For some, nighttime washes are more important than others.

After cleansing is when most recommend applying any additional serums, exfoliators, or other treatments, the last step is adding moisturizer and/or any facial oils.

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