Kara Del Toro nude in sheets for luxury stay

Kara Del Toro selfie
Kara Del Toro is nude and wrapped up in sheets for a luxurious stay in Mexico. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

Model and influencer Kara Del Toro is keeping her fans updated as she enjoys a trip to Mexico, with no clothing required.

She and several other models went on a luxurious and warm trip to Tulum to celebrate model Carmella Rose’s birthday, and they’ve been taking over the beach in skimpy bikinis.

The model noted that she’s staying at Radhoo Tulum, a 14-room luxury resort on Tulum Beach.

Given that she’s been spending a lot of time with the girls on the beach and that Tulum is one of her favorite travel destinations, it makes sense that Kara would want to stay somewhere more comfortable.

Aside from her stylish bikini shots from the beach, Kara also posed from her bed within the luxurious resort to show off some of her acting skills for a sheet-covered shoot.

Kara kept herself covered with a sheet for a short video showing some of her best pouts and longing expressions.

Kara Del Toro goes nude wrapped in sheets

In the video, Kara occupies a large bed with a canopy surrounding it.

The shot doesn’t show the rest of the room, only Kara as she stays wrapped in the bed’s gray sheets. The bed also features four pillows, allowing for optimal comfort.

Though the bed looks luxurious, Kara stole the show as she gazed at the camera and tossed her long locks over her shoulder.

She recently discussed some of her latest hair care routine, which has allowed her hair to become more healthy and shiny than before.

Kara usually keeps her fans posted on her latest makeup and beauty routines, though it seems that there may be a lull in beauty content while Kara enjoys her time on the beach in Tulum.

Kara Del Toro shares her ‘healthy morning routine’

Before her trip, she made sure to share another routine with her followers. She showed snippets of her routine, including her chocolate cherry morning smoothie and her “hike” through her neighborhood.

The lifestyle video also served as an ad for a facial cleanser, as she captioned the video, “#ad My healthy morning routine! I always wash my face immediately after a workout with my @avoninsider #isaknox LXNEW Clean Soothing Whipped Oil Cleanser #avoninsider #yourcleanscene.”

Kara is somewhat of a beauty and skincare guru and will likely have new lifestyle content once she’s returned from her trip, as she enjoys sharing her favorite products and routines with her followers.

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