Kara Del Toro is red hot in skimpy Playboy costume

Kara Del Toro
Kara Del Toro is the ultimate Playboy bunny in red for Halloween. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

Actress and model Kara Del Toro is celebrating Halloween in the only way she knows how – as sexy as possible.

The social media superstar channeled the classic Playboy bunny in a stunning costume with shades of red, black, and white while looking as voluptuous as the original bunnies of the 60s and 70s.

Kara stunned in a red sequin strapless corset teddy, which hugged her hips and showed off her curves with a sweetheart neckline that plunged low.

She sported the classic Playboy white tuxedo collar, black bow tie, and matching white cuffs with branded silver and black cufflinks. Kara also had the signature satin ribbon on her waist.

Kara topped the look off with the mandatory bunny ears, which were the same red sequin as her teddy. When she turned around, you could see the giant fluffy cotton tail on the back of her suit.

Her glam was classic and not overdone, and her hair was voluminous, with her medium-length light brown locks in massive waves. Kara posted several different poses, each as flirtatious as the next.

Kara Del Toro has a special collaboration with Revolve

She might model for brands like Victoria’s Secret and Yves Saint Laurent, but Kara sees herself as an everyday woman who wants to wear clothes that are comfortable.

That’s why she has a new collaboration with Revolve, which is an online lifestyle brand that specializes in clothing, footwear, accessories, and beauty styles.

On her own Revolve page, Kara showcases some of her favorite things, like a carved maxi dress, cropped denim jacket, kitten-heel boots, and honey-infused hair wash.

Kara is working to start her long-awaited acting career

Kara revealed recently that she is taking acting classes and even had her first audition for a movie in Mexico. She has done television work in the past for modeling, with appearances onΒ Beach Bunny 2018 SwimΒ and the Lounge Swimwear Bikini Fashion Show.

The 29-year-old star has said that she was a theatrical child who grew up in a little town in Texas and always wanted to be an actress at a young age. Her aspirations led her to the field of modeling and now she is working to transition into more serious acting.

Until she hits it big in Hollywood, however, Kara will continue to entertain her fans on Instagram β€” where she has 1.8 million followers. She is also a rising TikTok star, and she uses the platform to show her daily life and often shows the process of her getting ready for the day.

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