Kara Del Toro is golden for morning share

Kara Del Toro selfie
Model Kara Del Toro shares a gorgeous morning look inside her home. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

Texas-born model Kara Del Toro certainly makes the most of west coast living and shared some stunning morning shots to prove it.

The interior of her sunny home follows a vintage yet minimalist aesthetic with a lot of stoneware and neutral tones, such as grays, whites, and browns.

Although Kara has been known to add a splash of color to her looks every now and then, the interior matches many of her style choices as well, including the one she shared on Thursday morning.

The bright sun was shining through her large glass windows as she shared “mornings from home” with her Instagram followers.

Kara was cozy yet free for the photos as she sipped a beverage from a dainty-looking teacup. She covered her feet with a pair of warm-looking fluffy socks and chose a silky button-up to wear on top.

Her makeup was neutral for the photos or she was makeup free, adding to the natural aesthetics of the photos. She ditched her pants for the shots as well, sure to make it clear that she was comfortable at home.

Kara Del Toro’s secrets for the perfect ‘no makeup’ makeup look

Kara has a passion for beauty and skincare and is frequently noted to have stunning makeup, even when she’s going for her makeup-free look.

Last year, she opened up about what products she uses and how she achieves the perfect “no makeup” makeup look.

She uses quite a few products to achieve the natural look, but gets her skin ready with a slew of products from the beauty brand Elemis.

Her two beginning products and regular go-tos are the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil and their Superfood Glow Priming moisturizer.

After starting with her go to-products, she adds finishing touches with concealer, bronzer, and blush before filling in her lips and brows. Last, she secures the look with Elemis Superfood facial mist.

This is the star’s go-to look for almost every occasion, and it’s clear why: She looks incredible!

Kara Del Toro channels ‘Leo energy’ for boohoo

Clothing retailer boohoo has become a major staple with celebrities and non-celebrities alike, especially since they offer a range of affordable clothing.

Kara shared some shots with one of the brand’s outfits on and didn’t disappoint anyone with the casual yet chic look.

Kara tagged the brand and wrote, “Leo energy,” in the caption, making note of where some of her confidence might come from.

As for the outfit, the dress can be used for casual wear or more depending on how it’s styled, and it’s currently on sale.

Kara is wearing boohoo’s Basics Turtleneck Mini Dress in Grey Marl, which retails for $14 and is currently on sale for $5.60.

The model’s wardrobe varies though, as she’s not always in clothes from boohoo: She’s also a big fan of Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand SKIMS.

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