Kara Del Toro in tiny tank top with Christmas tree

Kara Del Toro gazes into the camera.
Kara Del Toro was stunning in a tiny tank top. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

Kara Del Toro got ready for Christmas in a tiny black tank top.

The notable top perfectly hugged Kara’s body and showed off her incredible curves and figure. The thin spaghetti straps showed off her defined shoulders.

Kara’s bright blonde hair glowed in the sunlight and flowed all the way to her mid-back. Her makeup was astonishing with perfect feather brows, light eyeshadow and mascara, rosy cheeks with defining contour and highlights, and bold red lips.

The social media influencer looked into the camera with an unwavering gaze, and let the light bring out her gorgeous hazel eyes.

Kara posed beside a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, which was spruced up with wonderfully themed ornaments.

The model’s overall look was gorgeous, and ready to celebrate the holiday season.

Kara gazes into the camera next to a Christmas tree.
Kara Del Toro was gorgeous in a little tank top. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

Kara Del Toro stuns in a fishnet top to promote Boohoo

Kara posted a beautiful series of photos in a tight-fitting fishnet top that featured a large cutout, which showed off her amazing figure. She posted the eye-catching look to promote cyber Monday deals with Boohoo.

The internet star paired the fishnet top with a form-fitting black skirt that showed off her incredible shape.

Kara’s hair and makeup were beautiful as always. Her bright blonde hair voluminously waved in front of her shoulders, and her makeup included lovely contour and highlights that accentuated her features.

The model struck multiple poses on a chic white seat and in front of an all-white background. Her lips were slightly parted as she set her gaze, and gave her expression a thoughtful look.

The post received over 13,000 likes.

Kara Del Toro promotes d’Alba spray serum

Kara promoted White Truffle First Spray Serum with d’Alba through a beautiful video that she posted to Instagram. The video showed the model applying the serum and showing off her results.

Kara explained in to video to first shake the bottle in order to activate it, before use. She said that it helps with fine lines, elasticity, adds a lovely glow, and that it enhances her complexion.

The product certainly seems to be working, as Kara’s skin is simply radiant. The sunlight bounced off her skin as she held the product up for the camera to capture.

The post received over 2,500 likes.

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