Kara Del Toro in skimpy bikini for ocean walk

Kara Del Toro selfie
Kara Del Toro is stunning in a hot pink bikini for a walk in the ocean. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

Model and influencer Kara Del Toro is kicking off October with a girls’ trip to Mexico, and she brought her bikini body with her.

The fashion and beauty expert has been traveling a lot over the past few months, particularly between Paris and her home base in Los Angeles.

Kara joined up with a few other model friends in Mexico, including model Helen Owen, to celebrate friend and model Carmella Rose’s birthday.

The models took to the beach in their best bikinis and posed for group pictures and individual shots, including a fun video that Kara shared on her Instagram Stories.

Kara was all smiles as she strutted in the ocean’s tide and showed off her summer tan.

She added J Balvin’s Azul as the background music to the video, adding an extra flare to the video.

Kara Del Toro wades in hot pink bikini

The short and temporary clip opened with Kara as she stood in the ocean and began walking toward the beach, turning around occasionally to show off more of her swimsuit.

The hot pink two-piece comes from Natasia Swimwear, which Kara tagged in the upper right corner of the video.

Her hair was wet and slicked back from her ocean swim, and she covered her eyes with a pair of boxy white sunglasses to finish off her warm beachy attire.

Although Kara looked absolutely stunning for the beach trip, she was in her swim attire not just for herself but to celebrate Carmella Rose’s birthday, and all the ladies did so in style.

Kara Del Toro joins Carmella Rose, Helen Owen, and more for birthday beach bikinis

Model and Fabletics ambassador Helen Owen shared a couple of snaps from Carmella Rose’s birthday celebration, including group pictures with all the ladies on the beach.

Altogether, there are eight women bikini-ready in her post, including other models and social media stars Bree Kleintop, Eva Gutowski, Tessa Brooks, Racquel Natasha, and Vale Genta.

Though Helen’s post opens with a well-posed photo, a swipe right shows a short video clip of the women as they laugh and try to get their poses together for the shot.

Helen left a short but sweet caption on the post, writing, “Happy birthday to the queen @carmellarose, you sure know how to bring a phenomenal group together! We love you!”

All in all, the Mexico birthday bash seems to have been a great hit.

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