Kara Del Toro in plunging thigh-skimming dress in ‘the girls room’

Kara Del Toro selfie
Kara Del Toro is stunning in a plunging busty little back dress. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

Model Kara Del Toro is stunning in her latest bathroom pics, taking things up a level from bathroom mirror selfies.

Kata stood in a luxurious bathroom, decorated with cream and gold colors, complete with a wide mirror and golden faucets.

However, Kara stood in front of the mirror, having someone else take her picture rather than going for a selfie.

The mini bathroom shoot shows off Kara’s amazing outfit: A little black dress with a busty neckline, glittering strappy heels, a silver handbag, and matching jewelry.

She simply captioned her Instagram share, “The girls room [glitter emoji],” and took the opportunity to show off her incredible figure for the three pictures.

Fans left their love for the model, leaving over 23 thousand likes.

The same outfit was seen a couple of weeks ago when she wished her followers a good Friday, though the last time she opted to pose outside.

It’s clear that all the time and effort put into becoming a model paid off.

Kara Del Toro opens up about becoming a model

Earlier this year, Kara spoke with Miami Living magazine and even graced the cover of the print publication.

She opened up about how she got into modeling, revealing that she attended a modeling school in Houston, which she and her family “thought would be a scam.” Fortunately, it wasn’t a scam and Kara was able to start modeling in high school.

She added, “It’s been a long, crazy journey. It does not necessarily happen overnight like you see on TV, but it was worth it.”

As far as balancing her work and personal life, she revealed that it can be hard, but “meditating and being in nature are two things that help me the most.” When things get really tough, she likes to go to the beach and meditate.

Kara Del Toro is inspired by her mother

Kara often finds many sources of inspiration through the women around her, but there is one woman who inspires her a lot: Her mother.

“My mother is the kindest person I know. … She inspires me to be a better person every day, to be kinder and to focus on what makes me happy.”

She added that her mother is also one of her biggest motivators when it comes to her career, largely because Kara wants to be able to treat her mother to a life of luxury.

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