Kara Del Toro brings New Year energy in all-black

Kara Del Toro is bringing a special kind of energy into the new year as the stunning model turns heads with a chic shoot. Pic credit: @karajewelll/Instagram

Kara Del Toro has shown that she knows how to make a statement, and the model’s latest social media share was no exception.

Kara recently shared a four-part Instagram carousel that was certain to turn heads.

The carousel showed the Guess model as she struck poses and worked her angles in a chic leather look that left little to the imagination.

Kara’s 1.8 million Instagram followers were the lucky recipients of the sultry shots.

In each shot, Kara was pictured topless beneath a black blazer.

She paired the open black blazer with a matching miniskirt and layered gold chains around her hips.

Kara Del Toro stuns with jaw-dropping look

Of course, Kara also brought one of her signature qualities: A lot of attitude.

Kara’s bare midriff was the center of attention, with her toned abs in full view.

Kara completed her look with gold hoop earrings, a bare neckline, multiple rings, and a pair of white boots.

Her makeup was subtle and elegant, with a soft pink blush, a few coats of mascara, and a glossy lip. Her hair was styled in loose curls, tucked behind her sunglasses perched atop her head.

She looked stunning in her black blazer and miniskirt, proving that she could easily pull off any look. With Kara’s confidence and model fashion sense, she continues to be an inspiration to her fans and followers.

Her latest look was definitely a show-stopper, and it’s no surprise that she looked amazing.

Also unsurprising was Kara’s like count; she garnered 20.8k likes for the post.

Kara Del Toro joins NFT space

Kara was one of the first celebrities to enter the NFT space, a la Paris Hilton.

An NFT, or non-fungible token, offers a unique digital item, often a video or picture, with the potential for collector value.

Kara told Gotham, “When I first heard about NFTs, I was super fascinated. Clubhouse is what really drew me in. I would tune into Clubhouse chats and loved the community involved in the NFT space.”

Kara dropped her NFT on Open Sea, a platform for NFT buying and selling.

Kara continued, “I wanted to use my NFT as a fun way to do creative directing and produce a piece of artwork that I could give a collector access to.”

Kara has a lot on her plate, and it will be interesting to see what 2023 brings the model and entrepreneur.

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