Kanye West on Instagram: Rapper takes aim at Drake’s In My Feelings lyrics, warns Nick Cannon to keep quiet about Kim Kardashian

Kanye West still from a series of Instagram videos shared by Kanye West
Kanye West calls out Drake, Nick Cannon and even Tyrese for talking about his wife. Pic credit: @kanyewest/Instagram

Kanye West is back on Instagram and today, he was clearly in his feelings. The Chicago rapper took to the ‘Gram to issue a warning about other musicians who keep talking about Kim Kardashian.

In the first video uploaded by Kanye on Thursday, he started out by saying, “I just want to express some things that are not sitting right with my spirit.”

Explaining that he’s now “up out the sunken place and can think,” Kanye just wanted to get a few things off his chest. He warned that there are a “couple things” he wanted to address.

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Kanye explained that he knows Nick Cannon used to date Kim Kardashian. It’s not a big surprise.

However, Kanye was not pleased to learn what Nick had to say about Kim during a recent VladTV interview. When asked about Kim, Nick made the comment, “That white girl got ass!!”


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Of course, there was much more discussed about Kim Kardashian than that. In fact, Nick spoke in depth about Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery and which procedures she may or may not have had since they split.

That didn’t sit well with Kanye, who was quick to let Cannon know that he needs to keep Kanye’s wife out of his conversations.

Kanye wasn’t done yet…

Next up was Drake, whom Kanye says knew better than to reference “Kiki” in his superhit In My Feelings. It’s no secret that Kim’s nickname is Kiki and her family uses it all the time on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


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Kanye explained that he wouldn’t write a song talking about RiRi because of the possibility that fans might confuse the real muse as being Rihanna, whom Drake has dated in the past.

He also admitted that had he not be in a “medicated state,” he would have told Pusha T not to diss Drake on his beat. Ye also said he didn’t leak information to Pusha that led to the diss track.

With Travis Scott being friends with Drake, Ye also warned him not to rap about Kylie or Kendall because his own friend, who is still dating Kylie, will get really offended. Is it really worth ending a friendship in order to get a few more clicks?


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Kanye West ended his rant by bringing up Tyson Beckford, again warning him away from talking about his wife. As some may recall, Tyson took shots at Kim’s body not long back. Kim caught a lot of social media flak when she shot back with an insult about his sexuality but Tyson started it, something that Kanye is not happy about.

“It just didn’t sit right with me and I had to express that to you all… Nick Cannon, Drake, Tyson Beckford…all that wasn’t sitting right to me,” Kanye explained.

Will Nick, Drake or Tyson respond to Kanye West’s Instagram rant? This could turn into a hip-hop feud pretty fast and Kanye did just say he’s working on a new album.

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