Kanye West drops out of Coachella after skipping GRAMMYs, hasn’t been seen in public in over a week

Kanye West is seen at the Givenchy Store during Paris Fashion Week
Kanye West skipped the Grammy Awards and has since pulled out of the Coachella music festival next weekend. Pic credit: ©

The usually vocal musician Kanye West has been very quiet over the past week, and fans aren’t quite sure where he is or what he’s doing.

The rapper lost his spot at the Grammy Awards following a social media attack on Grammy host Trevor Noah, but he wasn’t banned from attending. However, Kanye was not at the awards ceremony Sunday night.

Kanye has been absent from social media as well following his 24-hour Instagram ban after prolonged attacks toward Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, and Trevor Noah, just to name a few.

Now, the Donda rapper has pulled out of Coachella and will no longer be headlining the event.

Kanye West drops out of Coachella a week before concert

According to TMZ, Kanye pulled out of his Coachella performance. The festival covered two weekends and starts next weekend, giving organizers short notice to fill his spot. 

With Kanye dropping out, it seems that Travis Scott may not be appearing either since he was supposed to join Kanye on stage. 

Coachella organizers opted not to have Travis headline the festival this year following the tragic event at his music festival, Astroworld. Although some fans used a petition to request that he return, organizers declined. 

It’s unclear at this time who, if anyone, will be replacing Kanye for the Coachella event, as there is a lack of diversity without him and Travis there. 

However, that isn’t where the mystery of Kanye ends. 

Not only has he dropped out of Coachella, but he hasn’t been seen in public since March 27, when he was at his son Saint’s soccer game with his ex-wife Kim and their children.

Kanye West allegedly told Kim Kardashian he was ‘going away’ and ‘getting help’

At this time, it’s not clear where Kanye is or what he is doing, but as previously reported, the rapper told his ex-wife he would “go away” and “get help” for his issues. Along with allegedly getting help, he said he would leave Kim and her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, alone.

Kanye was reportedly living in Los Angeles to stay close to his kids following his separation from Kim, but it has not been revealed if he is still in Los Angeles now or if he has gone elsewhere.

Pete Davidson previously offered to help Kanye work through his mental issues, but it has not been confirmed if Kanye accepted the SNL star’s offer. Based on their history, it seems unlikely that Kanye would go to Pete for help.

However, reps for Kanye have denied that he is going away to get help, so at this time, it’s not clear exactly what the musician is doing or where he’s at.

Although Kanye’s disappearance from the limelight raises many questions at this time, some are hopeful that he is seeking out the help he needs and that once he is doing better, he’ll be able to come back into a healthier relationship with social media and fame.

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