Kansas City Chiefs owner’s daughter Gracie Hunt shares ab workout

gracie hunt selfie
Gracie Hunt shares fitness knowledge. Pic credit: @graciehunt/Instagram

As the daughter of an NFL team owner, Gracie Hunt hasn’t had to work as hard as many others to receive recognition. 

Thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs connection, Gracie gained access to the spotlight at a young age.

One thing that Gracie has worked hard on, however, is her killer physique. Gracie has no problem showing her followers some of her workout secrets, either.

Heading into the weekend, Gracie shared a workout video with her 359,000 followers on Instagram. 

Gracie called the segment her fitness Friday, and she made use of a trendy prop. 

As fans soon learned, Gracie definitely knows what she’s doing in the gym.

Gracie Hunt shares ab workout with upbeat social media share

Gracie rocked a matching spandex set by Alo, including a crop top and high-waisted leggings. 

But readers should be forewarned — the ab workout was certainly not for those faint of heart. 

The video started with a smiling Gracie and the Timbaland song Give It To Me, featuring Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, adding to the upbeat atmosphere.

The eight-move circuit included 20 to 30 reps of each exercise, and Gracie advised repeating it three times. 

Gracie began with pushups and exhibited perfect form while balancing on a Bosu ball.

Next, she took her V-ups to the next level, using her prop for extra weight.

Gracie alternated sides with side planks and a reach. She also completed a round of elbow-to-knee crunches and plank jacks.

As the video continued, Gracie demonstrated single-leg deadlifts and pulse squats.

The Special Olympics spokesperson completed the workout with Russian twists.

Gracie looked fashionable while exercising, wearing the Alo High Waist Airlift leggings in Infinity Blue, which retail for $128.

Gracie’s caption read, in part, “The Bosu is a staple in my fitness routine. I love how it adds difficulty to familiar exercises, plus I think it’s kind of fun!?For this circuit, do 20-30 reps for each exercise (for the plank jacks, aim for 50). Repeat the circuit three times.”

When Gracie isn’t sharing fitness advice, you might find her promoting her favorite brands.

Gracie Hunt promotes Shop LTK

Gracie has a jet-setting lifestyle and often travels around the world. The beautiful blonde turns scenic locales into photoshoots as a flourishing influencer.

Last month, Gracie promoted Shop LTK, a fashion app previously known as

On Shop LTK, users can create accounts and share their fashion favorites.

Gracie has an account on the site where she posted her Cabo ensemble.

She wore the Steve Madden Smokeshow Dress in Black. She paired the dress with the Jimmy Choo Brien 110 Sandals in Metallic Gold. 

The 24-year-old showed that she could look glamorous whether dressed up or dressed down.

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