Kansas City Chief’s owner’s daughter Gracie Hunt gives wedding shoutout

gracie hunt shares video on ig
Gracie Hunt enjoyed her friend’s wedding, sharing visuals from the special day. Pic credit: @graciehunt/Instagram

Gracie Hunt was in wedding mode, albeit as a celebrant of the bride, with a recent share to show love to her friend on her special day.

The daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt shared a gorgeous photo as she struck a pose alongside the bride, with a large lantern-style box on the floor covered with a decorative arrangement of flowers.

For this particular photo, Hunt donned a sleek, curve-hugging, and thigh-skimming dark blue dress with thin vertical lines visible as part of the beautiful design.

Her blonde hair fell past her shoulders to her chest as she beamed with a bright smile alongside her friend.

The brunette bride had donned what appeared to be an all-white dress featuring a button-up top with oversized sleeves, which she paired with white sandals.

Hunt’s shoes weren’t completely visible for the look, but it appears she had on an elegant pair of high heels, possibly in a beige or neutral color.

“It’s wedding day!” Hunt wrote in the corner of her Instagram Story slide, tagging friend Brielle Magee and adding a white heart and church emoji.

gracie hunt with friend for wedding day share
Gracie Hunt gives her friend a wedding day shout-out. Pic credit: @graciehunt/Instagram

Gracie Hunt attends a friend’s beautiful wedding ceremony

Based on her Instagram Story slides, Gracie was among the many guests attending her friend Brielle’s wedding to now-husband Joshua. Details on the event are scarce beyond some footage that Gracie captured.

She shared several slides from the event, including the bride in a gorgeous white gown with a large bridal back headpiece visible in the shot. The groom opted for a grey suit with brown or burgundy shoes as they stood before the minister in an outdoor setting. 

gracie hunt ig story photo from wedding
Gracie Hunt shares visuals from her friend’s outdoor wedding ceremony. Pic credit: @graciehunt/Instagram

In another slide, Gracie showed the eye-catching wedding cake. It had multiple layers stacked of white cakes decorated on the sides with dark and bright pink flowers as well as green leaves. Cursive-style names for “Brielle & Joshua” in silver or grey were inserted at the top.

Gracie didn’t share any images beyond that on her IG Story or main feed. Still, based on the visuals, it was a beautiful ceremony in terms of weather and overall presentation.

gracie hunt shares wedding cake photo
Gracie Hunt shows the wedding cake from her friend’s ceremony. Pic credit: @graciehunt/Instagram

Gracie Hunt’s workouts

With her recent social media shares, Gracie Hunt didn’t reveal how much food, including cake, she ate for her friend’s wedding ceremony and celebration. However, she is known to be a fitness enthusiast who works out regularly to burn off any excess calories.

Several days before attending the wedding, she shared a video on her main Instagram feed, which presented her arms and core circuit. Gracie also shared a message in the caption, calling time spent at the gym “my therapy.”

“It gives me a ‘concrete victory’ to start off my mornings. Exercise releases endorphins—chemicals that are associated with feeling happy and relieving pain. Working out increases blood circulation to the brain, which is also linked to improvements in mood and attention,” she wrote of her early workouts.

Gracie also gave instructions on performing the routine, with the moves shown throughout her IG video (below).

It includes kneeling curl to press, deadbugs, kneeling tricep kickback, kneeling lateral raises, plank taps, glute bridge, and skull crushers. For a circuit, exercises are typically done one after the other, then repeated after rest. Gracie said to perform 15 to 20 reps per exercise and repeat the circuit three times.

She also emphasized “control & form over speed” as the key to this particular routine. Based on her coaching, others may be able to improve their physical fitness and health by implementing her tips and routines.

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