Kansas City Chiefs owner’s daughter Gracie Hunt celebrates birthday

Chiefs owner’s daughter Gracie Hunt enjoyed er 24th birthday in style. Pic credit: @graciehunt/Instagram

Gracie Hunt just celebrated her 24th birthday, and the social media star took to Instagram to bless fans with content.

As the daughter of the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, and the granddaughter of an oil tycoon, Gracie has developed a taste for the finer things.

The blonde beauty queen never seems to miss the chance to enjoy a photoshoot, and her birthday was no exception.

The Special Olympics spokesperson shared a five-part carousel on her Instagram, where she has 359,000 followers.

But Gracie’s post brought more than fashion and good looks.

She also unveiled 24 things she learned by the age of 24. The post allowed fans to see the depth of Gracie, who has proven to be more than a pretty face.

Gracie Hunt turns 24 years old with words of wisdom

The post saw Gracie smiling while wearing a black and yellow jersey with the number 24 featured prominently.

In each image, she smiled and posed, wearing simply the jersey and chunky heels.

Gracie looked tan and fabulous as she glowed during her birthday shoot. The Kobe Bryant jersey was the perfect choice for her 24th birthday, and she added to the glamour with Cartier bracelets and chunky gold earrings. Her long blonde hair featured natural curls, and Gracie looked full of life in each image.

Her caption featured some wise words, including learning something new each day and taking vitamins while making sure to get bloodwork each year.

Gracie’s caption began, “24 Things I’ve Learned In 24 years?????❤️??? 1. Don’t worry about the opinions of people you would never ask advice from. 2. Say yes and be spontaneous.”

She also advised followers to follow fitness goals and prioritize sleep.

Gracie had an undeniable glow as she worked her angles and posed for her birthday.

Last week, Gracie shared some secrets about how fans could obtain a similar radiance.

Gracie Hunt shares beauty secrets

Gracie has fabulous hair and shared her product secrets with an Instagram video last week.

The video featured Gracie’s shower routine, beginning with a thorough shampooing using Ocean Cleansing Hair Wash by Red Flower and LOVE CURL Shampoo by Davine’s.

She used the Kérastase Cleansing Conditioner Curl Idéal, available for $48 at Sephora.

Next, Gracie turned up the extravagance with the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture CC Cream.

She added a hair oil serum by Guerlain, sealing in the moisture.

Gracie finished the routine by scrunching her curls and spritzing them with John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Curl-Perfecting Spray.

Gracie showed that her hair looked vibrant, whether straight or curly.

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