Kaley Cuoco stuns shirtless for pregnancy surprise

Kaley Cuoco attends an event.
Kaley Cuoco announced that she is expecting her first child. Pic credit: ©

Kaley Cuoco is going to be a mom!

The 36-year-old star of The Big Bang Theory and The Flight Attendant made big waves today when she announced she is currently expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Tom Pelphrey.

Apparently far enough along to know the gender of her unborn baby, starting her declaration by saying, “💕Baby girl Pelphrey coming 2023💕,” Kaley did not give her fans much time to process the news as she bombarded them with a slew of exciting pics.

Kicking things off with an adorable snap with her beau of only six months, showing the pair side-hugging as they both grinned while holding a slice of cake with pink buttercream inside.

The pair then gave open-mouthed expressions while standing next to the giant, gender-revealing pastry before Kaley shared a sweet snap of her Ozark actor boyfriend holding a tiny onesie with the words “I love my daddy” emblazoned on the front.

Kaley and Tom then gave each other a kiss as they gripped identical “papa bear” and “mama bear” mugs.

Kaley Cuoco goes shirtless to show off baby bump

In the next series of photos the actress shared, Kaley showed a polaroid of her and Tom seeming to laugh and smile as they held up at least two pregnancy tests.

With a huge glare shielding her face from the next pic, the new pregnancy glow was still very evident as the pair snapped a photo with Kaley showing off her growing bump while wearing just a bra and sweatpants.

Sharing another snap of the confetti-decorated cake with the slice taken out of it, Kaley went on to pose in some relaxed, black overalls and a long sleeve white shirt as Tom stood next to her in a suit and looked to be cradling her belly with his hand.

Kaley Cuoco's fans tell her they are thrilled about her pregnancy announcement.
Pic credit: @kaleycuoco/Instagram

The final photos captured a clearly-happy Kaley holding up a “This baby needs a pony” onesie and Tom and Kaley sitting in a car with another positive pregnancy test.

Kaley Cuoco fans and fellow stars celebrate her baby news

Fans of the star looked to be just as thrilled about the baby announcement as the actress herself, taking to her social media page to share their thoughts.

“Aaaahhhhh congratulations!!!!! 💗💗💗,” penned by none other than dancer Julianne Hough, while Sharon Stone wrote, “Well CONGRATULATIONS.”

Sharon Stone and Julianne Hough share their excitement over Kaley Cuoco's baby news.
Pic credit: @kaleycuoco/Instagram

Followers of the actress also gave their views on the news, telling the Meet Cute star a huge congratulations while also encouraging her with positive words about her impending parenting duties.

No timing has been offered yet by Kaley in terms of when her precious bundle of joy is due to arrive in the world but fans will undoubtedly be very eager to keep tabs on the actress as her pregnancy continues.

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Sophia Francis
1 month ago

Congratulations to Kaley but we have one serious question. Was Kaley Cuoco’s role as a flight attendant/CIA spy based on that of a real air hostess/CIA spy in the seventies? Her name was Vivienne Templeton and she features in Beyond Enkription in #TheBurlingtonFiles series of fact based spy novels.

If you’re a Kaley Cuoco fan and interested in flight attendants living double lives just like Kaley, best read Beyond Enkription, the only novel to be published to date in TheBurlingtonFiles factual espionage series by Bill Fairclough. Look out for Vivienne Templeton who in real life was not only what was then described as an air hostess in Haiti Air Inter but also a CIA operative in Haiti and the Caribbean.

Vivienne was based in Fort Lauderdale working under the cover of being an air hostess who moonlighted by managing holiday lets in the Bahamas and Florida. The Burlington Files series is based on the gripping true story of a genuine spook, Bill Fairclough aka Edward Burlington whose MI6 codename in real life was JJ. Critics herald it to be just the stuff epic films are made of.

Coincidentally Kaley Cuoco who stars in the Flight Attendant actually looks a lot like the real life flight attendant/CIA asset Vivienne Templeton who featured in Bill Fairclough’s spy novels in The Burlington Files series. See TheBurlingtonFiles + Everipedia websites for photos of Vivienne in the seventies. Beyond Enkription is a must read for espionage illuminati.

See +