Kaley Cuoco stuns in an oversized shirt to show off her baby bump in fun photo dump with Tom Pelphrey

Kaley Cuoco attends a television show premiere.
Kaley Cuoco stunned while posing in an unbuttoned shirt for a new baby bump show-off. Pic credit: ©

Kaley Cuoco looked to be basking in her pregnancy glow as she gave fans another glimpse of her growing baby bump.

The 37-year-old star of The Big Bang Theory and The Flight Attendant kept up her online presence with a series of stunning new snaps as she and her soon-to-be-baby-daddy Tom Pelphrey appeared to be soaking up the sun for an early winter tropical getaway.

Starting off her post with a gorgeous photo of herself that showed off her ever-growing belly, Kaley let the warm-looking sunlight splash across the side of her face as she posed in an undone, oversized, button-down shirt that showed hints of her upper body curves.

Her light brown locks were swept over her right side, covering her eye and dangling at the corner of her pursed lips.

A glimpse of a straw roof could just be made out in the upper corner of the snap, and neatly folded towels rested on a bench behind her, giving the idea that the star and her beau were working in some significant relaxation on their vacation.

Grasping the bottom of her shirt just below her exposed bump, Kaley was the picture of perfection as she proved she could rock any garment and look just as glamorous going sans makeup as she does on the red carpet.

Kaley Cuoco poses in a two-piece for baby bump show-off

Along with showing off her incredible pregnancy body in her open shirt, Kaley made sure to give fans more looks at her trip with her actor boyfriend.

The second snap in her series showed the actress and Tom getting goofy, with the couple standing side-by-side as they each held one arm up in a clenched fist to show off their muscles while tropical trees dotted the skyline behind them.

Next, Kaley shared a shot of Tom as he stood deckside by a palm tree in his swimming trunks while showing off his toned abs.

Sharing one more tropical shot of her surroundings, Kaley then threw in one last look at her baby belly for the series finale as she sported a sexy maternity bikini.

Seen leaning back against a lounge chair, Kaley beamed at the lens as she crossed one bare leg over the other and cradled her belly with her hands.

Her all-black two-piece played perfectly against Kaley’s creamy skin, nearly matching the darker shadow cast on her loose tresses while a high-waisted band hugged her bump.

While the movie star enjoys her final months of pregnancy, Kaley has continued to keep busy in her career and partnership with Starbucks.

Kaley Cuoco partners with Starbucks to promote the Blonde Sunrise Blend

Two years before her pregnancy and newfound romance with Tom, Kaley took her love for coffee to a new level, partnering with Starbucks to help promote their Blonde Sunrise Blend.

Kaley sat down with Woman’s Day in 2020 to discuss her excitement about being named an ambassador for the coffee company while detailing exactly how she prefers to enjoy her cup of Joe.

“I go to bed thinking about what coffee I’m going to have in the morning and what mug I’m going to use — that’s a true story,” Kaley joked with the magazine, adding that her favorite way to get her caffeine fix was to whip up an oat milk latte.

“I don’t want to drive anywhere to get my coffee, I want it in the kitchen and I want it made, so obviously it was a no-brainer to partner with Starbucks because I’m a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur,” she said of her partnership with the brand.

According to Us Magazine, Kaley also likes it hot, ensuring her coffee beverage is scorching enough to “burn my esophagus.”

Sitting for a series of upbeat, fun photo sessions for the Starbucks Sunrise Campaign, Kaley looked chic while wearing a camel-toned sweater and black pants as she expertly poured the dark liquid from the elongated spout of a glass brewer into a Starbucks mug, later gripping the mug in her hand, as detailed by Us Magazine.

Kaley is said to expect her bundle of joy sometime this spring, and fans might see their favorite star on a third season of The Flight Attendant, but details on a possible next installment remain fuzzy.

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